Finally a Syfy Flick About Mongolian Death Worms!

Finally a SyFy Flick About Mongolian Death Worms!I’ve long had a theory that either someone at Syfy or enterprising producers that make movies for Syfy keep tabs on the various cable cryptozoology programs like “MonsterQuest” looking for ideas for future Syfy creature features. The news that Mongolian Death Worms will be premiering on Syfy next year pretty much confirms my suspicions. Syfy’s “Destination Truth” and Animal Planet’s “Lost Tapes” have both spotlighted the Mongolian Death Worm so it was only a matter of time before it tried to kill Sean Patrick Flanery on film.

Sean Patrick Flanery (“The Dead Zone” and star of Syfy’s notorious bears-in-space flick Savage Planet) stars alongside Victoria Pratt, a survivor of such Syfy originals as House of the Dead 2 and Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep, in Mongolian Death Worms, from director Steven R. Monroe (director of previous Syfy originals Ogre, Wyvern, and Sasquatch Mountain) from a script by Neil Elman (writer of Syfy’s Sea Beast and Caved In: Prehistoric Terror). The prolific Andrew Stevens produced this first ever screen outing about the fearsome Mongolian Death Worm, possibly to premiere on Syfy sometime next March, which, according to Fangoria, was shot on location in Dallas, Texas.

Bulgaria doesn’t make a convincing enough Mongolia, I guess.

For those unfamiliar with this lethal cryptid, the Mongolian Death Worm is said to prowl the sands of the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and is described as a bright red worm 2-5 feet in length. Locals claim it spews forth a form of sulphuric acid and can even incapacitate victims from a distance with an electrical charge. Given this is Syfy we’re talking about, I fully expect there to be at least one worm that is 20 feet long.

Am I alone in my amazement to hear that Lance Henriksen is NOT cast in the film? Why exactly I do not know, but for some reason the notion of Lance Henriksen battling a Mongolian Death Worm just sounds like a natural pairing. Oh, well. Maybe they’re saving Henriksen for the inevitable Syfy feature about South Carolina’s purported Lizardman.

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  • IkeCarr

    What ? No Sand Serpents thrown in the mix ?

  • AriesofPitt

    I wonder if Kevin Bacon would f one of them Mongolian Death worms up!! I can see it coming, DinoCroc vs. Super Alligator Croc thingy vs. Graboid vs. Mongolian Death worm.

  • ImTheMoon

    yeah I think I’ll just watch Tremors again instead of this.