UPDATED! Halloween 3D Might Have an FX Artist, Despite Temporary Hold

Production on Halloween 3D Slows DownWhile Halloween 3D is currently sitting on the backburner, production is imminent under the guise of Patrick Lussier. He’s got some other projects to tackle before cleansing Haddonfield of its unfortunately while trash palette, but that hasn’t stopped Lussier from lining up his ranks, beginning with a familiar face for the FX work.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Gary Tunnicliffe was attached to do the FX work for Halloween 3D shortly before Dimension put the project on hold. There’s no word on whether or not Tunnicliffe will return to the project when production resumes, but given his history with the director, it seems within the realm of possibility.

We also don’t know whether or not Michael Myers will remain a hulking hobo who spends his days trekking through fields and stomping on strip club employees, sans Halloween mask, but here’s hoping that Lussier will be given the freedom to step away from the mess left by Rob ‘motherfuckin’ Zombie and give us something more in line with the best sequel (Halloween 4, for my money).

UPDATE! Shock Till You Drop got even more nifty details this afternoon, including the approach – straight from Gary Tunnicliffe’s mouth! I was very sad to see H3D halted…Patrick was really amped up to deliver something the fans would really like, the script was very cool, great fun and the ‘vibe’ was to take the movie back to the tone and feel of the original film but with 3D technology and some VERY cool kills.”


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  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    They need to ignore Zombie’s crap and treat ‘H3D’ like it’s a follow-up to ‘Resurrection’, with Michael getting his hands on a new mask. Loomis is dead (both in the original series and the remake (and its sequel)) and Laurie is out of the way in both series (dead in one, sectioned in the new series), so the path is clear for Michael to return to Haddonfield without any Zombie-tastic baggage.

    • PelusaMG

      If we’re going to be ignoring any Halloween films, how about we ignore “Resurrection” from the start?

      *Breathes deeply… takes medication*

      • rupp30

        I’d personally like to see something occuring in between 2 and 4 but that would more than likely be out of the question. I do agree with you guys though, forget all about zombie’s version(s) and resurrection, and here’s a thought. Maybe some fresh characters, the same Michael I miss so much(the one that seemelessy blends into the darkness, then slowly appears, those are the best shots of michael), and maybe a plot not consisting of trailer trash, bad mouthed teens.

        Just give me the old Michael with some new people to kill and return the series to its roots. That’s what I would encourage most. And no 3D as a gimmick like in FD4.


    • The Woman In Black

      How about a direct follow-up to H20 with Michael going after Laurie’s son? Maybe even get Hartnett back?

      • Shambling_in_Bandages

        A direct follow-up to ‘H20’? Wouldn’t that feature a headless Michael? 😉

  • PelusaMG

    For my money Zombie’s H2 was the best sequel, but I know I am in a significant minority there…

    • rupp30

      To each his own. That’s how the saying goes I believe. I didn’t enjoy H2 but it wasn’t the worst movie ever made. IMO it was just kind of a train wreck after the whole hospital sequence.

      I know me and Uncle Creepy are in the minority for liking Tamara. Even my best friends give me shit for that one.


      • PelusaMG

        “Tamara” has fit girls in it. No shit should ever be given for liking a film that has fit girls in it…