Fans Reward Paranormal Activity with Sold-Out Shows and $500K

Every once in a while the stars align and good things happen to this genre we all call our own — and to the people who make the movies we love. Case in point: Every single screening of Paranormal Activity sold out last night, and the film is looking to rake in $500,000 for the weekend. Hearty congrats to filmmaker Oren Peli and to Paramount, which has executed a textbook successful marketing campaign for the film.

Per today’s Deadline Hollywood, Paranormal Activity enjoyed a $15,000 per screen average, pretty much unheard of for midnight only showings. “It did $150K Thursday and took in another $200K on Friday after selling out every theater. What began as a heavy screening plan and college outreach to get fans to make it their own morphed last week into a release in 12 college towns doing only midnight shows. Some $80K business later, Paramount added 21 midnight screens this week, including LA’s ArcLight (which sold out its 15 midnight shows for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday combined).

Next week, Paranormal Activity will expand to somewhere around 100 screens playing full day schedules. It will be interesting to see how big the overall fan base is after the college Facebook/Twitter folks have really embraced this film and made it their own.

Make sure you’re part of the phenomenon. DEMAND IT for your town, too!

Be sure to visit the official Paranormal Activity website for more. And make sure you are following @TweetYourScream on Twitter and have joined the official Paranormal Activity Facebook fan page!

By Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • The.Bass.Face

    I will be very pissed if this movie doesn’t come to a theater near me. I want to see this movie in a bad way and I want to watch it on the big screen. Hopefully my demanding it and making my friends (even if they don’t want to watch it) demand it, will bring me this movie. All I want for Halloween this year is “Paranormal Activity”, and if I don’t get it, than I will sabotage many many buildings for Halloween.

    “Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos, I’m an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”

  • Kindahuge

    This is one of the very few times I’m so glad that social networking sites are out there. As Uncle Creepy said, sometimes the stars just align, and a very good and deserving piece of work gains the momentum and popularity it truly deserves. Keep it going people, the country needs to see this as hopefully it will be a reminder to both moviegoers and filmmakers alike that nothing makes a great movie like hard work and brainpower!

  • Uncle Creepy

    We got the following comments from Tampa actress/producer Sheri Lawrence, who is currently working on her own haunted house project, Non-Disclosure: Haunted:

    I will say, the movie was never boring, kept you at the edge of your seat throughout. They sure packed lots of scary minutes with very good acting & music soundtrack on a shoe-string budget of $11K…AMAZING! They hired a handful of unknown actors that were very believable. Their camera was our view of what was taking place and at times the handheld shots were making me a little dizzy with the jerky motion.

    It didn’t terrify me personally only because of the up close & personal events I experienced at the haunted house we investigated, but the reaction of most in the audience was clearly heard.

    I am extremely excited to see how many people will flock to theatres across the country at midnight to see a paranormal movie. The hype before and during the screenings is very important. I asked one of the people standing in line last night how he heard about this movie and he replied saying “I read an article about it on the internet and knew I had to see it.”

    • Sandstonesoft

      I can’t speak with any kind of certainty on this, obviously i don’t know the speaker personally, but the second paragraph of her comments seem like a painfully transparent plug for her own work. And for what it’s worth, her attempt (or alleged attempt, to be fair) to create interest in her own movie surreptitiously within the context of her comments about her reaction to this film actually makes me want to see her work even LESS than i would’ve originally. If she wants to create hype for her work, she might want to start with something a little more simple and direct. Like changing the title to something that doesn’t suck.

      • The Woman In Black

        My fault really — Sheri sent her comments to Uncle Creepy and me, and we put them up not realizing the 2nd paragraph was a bit of background for us rather than the general public. More than anything, she wanted us to pass on her congratulations to the filmmakers for their success as one indie filmmaker to another.

        • Sandstonesoft

          Fair enough. I retract my original statement.

  • TheFritz

    The fans stood up and were heard! That is fantastic news for this wonderful independent film! I know I’ll be telling all my friends, genre fans or not, to go and see this movie and keep the phenomena going til it gets the wide release it so rightly deserves!

    • Sandstonesoft

      I’m with you. I’ve already made plans to take 5 of my friends to see this when it premieres in Pittsburgh, my treat.

      • TheFritz

        Ahh, the ‘Burgh! Poor city can’t catch a break. I remember going to dumps like Cleveland to see bands when I went to college there, cuz no-body would show there faces in PGH. I hope you guys get PA this weekend, if any town deserves to get good horror films it’s the birthplace of the modern zombie! GO STEELERS!!!

        • Sandstonesoft

          Lol, too true. Hopefully now that we’re building a new state-of-the-art arena to replace the Igloo relic, 99% of musical acts won’t pass us up anymore. Until it opens, PA will do more than enough to tide me over, entertainment-wise 🙂