IFC November Thrills and Chills

Even though everyone’s all about what’s hitting home video in October for Halloween, the good folks over at IFC gave us a look at what they’re dishing out in terms of horror and thrillers for the month of November!

Dark Mirror on DVD

Lisa Vidal of ER and Star Trek delivers a startling performance as Deborah Martin, a former photographer turned stay-at-home mom who moves her family into a strange house filled with cut-glass windows and beveled mirrors that reflect to infinity. As she attempts to restart her photography career, Deborah discovers to her utter horror that those she photographs die – reflected in the chilling visions she sees in the house’s mirrors. Has Deborah accidentally unearthed the house’s dark past? Has she discovered an alternate reality that unleashes a homicidal evil? Or is she trapped within the terrifying recesses of her own disturbed mind?

The DVD available November 3rd presents the film in widescreen letterbox format. Bonus materials include commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes.

Before the Fall on DVD

The governments of the world have jointly announced that a giant meteorite will collide with Earth in just 72 hours; the direct impact, carrying the force of countless nuclear bombs, will almost certainly wipe out all life on the planet. While the world’s people erupt in chaos and despair, one lone Spanish villager, Alejandro (Victor Clavijo, “Hermanos & Detectives”), calmly decides to get drunk and listen to music while awaiting the end.

But all won’t go so quietly for the slacker handyman. A notorious, brutal serial killer (Eduard Fernandez of Steven Soderbergh’s “Che”) has escaped from prison and vowed revenge on Alejandro’s mother, nieces and nephews. There are only three days left until Armageddon, and Alejandro must now get his mind back in focus and scramble to protect the people he loves from a horrible fate even worse than instant obliteration.

The DVD available November 3rd will be presented in widescreen letterbox format with English subtitles.

Prisoner on DVD

Julian McMahon, the Golden Globe-nominated star of “Nip/Tuck,” stars as egotistical director Derek Plato, whose take-no-prisoners philosophy of life and work has earned him countless enemies in Hollywood. But none of them has ever posed the kind of threat he is about to face. The notorious bad boy has grandly announced that his next film will be a violent prison drama, one that will surpass all others in its gritty, brutal realism. He chooses as his shooting location an actual once-notorious but now shuttered penitentiary. But while Plato wanders the crumbling prison, he quickly learns it is not as abandoned as he had been led to believe.

He is taken hostage by a mysterious and sadistic denizen called simply the Jailer. This devious loner — played by Genie winner Elias Koteas (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Martin Scorsese’s upcoming “Shutter Island,” David Cronenberg’s “Crash”) – forces Plato to answer a series of increasingly personal and embarrassing questions on camera. If Plato refuses to answer, he moves one step closer to the penitentiary’s electric chair. But even if Plato survives, will all the despicable secrets that he is forced to reveal about his past make his life worth living?

Look for it on DVD November 17th.

American Venus on DVD

Celia Lane (Rebecca De Mornay, “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle,” “And God Created Woman”) is an uncompromising coach pushing her figure-skating daughter Jenna (Jane McGregor, “Robson Arms”) toward an Olympic gold medal. But after Jenna blows it in an important national competition, she becomes fed up with the sport and with her demanding, abusive mother and runs away to Vancouver. The gun-toting Celia immediately heads across the border to find Jenna and put her back on the path to Olympic glory. She won’t be denied in her quest, even though Jenna’s father is keeping the girl’s location secret and the Canadian police have confiscated Celia’s weapon.

Look for it on DVD November 17th.

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