Production on Halloween 3D Slows Down

Production on Halloween 3D Slows DownAs fast as things were cooking is as fast as they’ve slowed down. Well, shut down temporarily at least. Production on Halloween 3D has ceased, but not to worry … it’s for a few good reasons.

According to Deadline Hollywood (and recently confirmed by director Patrick Lussier himself), the Halloween machine has shifted into low gear. Todd Farmer turned in his script on Friday, but the Weinsteins felt that the production was being rushed. Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D), who recently landed the gig, was to begin production by November so that he could start filming Drive Angry, with Nicolas Cage, early next year. So rather than rush things, Dimension Films is going to wait until Lussier is “free” so they can take their time.

Pretty smart move if you ask me. They recently rushed Zombie through his last Halloween film, and we all saw how that one turned out. Look for more soon, and hit up the above link for the full article.

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  • Grendal

    It’s great that they want to take their time on this film. It really is…but take the “time” and realize that filming a Halloween movie in 3-D is the absolute, most ridiculous idea they could have ever come up with. That is a Rob Zombie stunt! I personally liked Zombie’s first Halloween. Haven’t seen the 2nd one yet…so I won’t make judgements. But, this 3-D thing has GOT TO STOP!!!! This is NOT 1982! We’ve evolved in the film-making process! Don’t go backwards for Christ’s sake!?! I know the whole “bringing back the monsters of the 80’s” gig is huge right now…but sweet baby Jesus STOP! Next thing you know they’ll have movies coming out about Roller Derby…oh wait…

  • PelusaMG

    As I said elsewhere, I wouldn’t mind seeing Darren Bousman have a crack at the next Halloween film… but that’s about as likely as something really unlikely happening!

  • kiddcapone

    I haven’t seen H2 yet. I still have zero desire at all unless it’s a freebie bootleg copy that someone gives me and I’m all out of Tivo’d episodes of Judge Judy to watch. Then maybe, MAYBE, I’ll check it out. But correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t Myers “dead” again at the end of H2?

    Which brings me to my next question, are they bringing back the REAL Michael Myers or the Rob Zombie redneck trash hobo who loves pretty white horses?

    If they go back to the original Myers and H3D is a carbon copy of My Bloody Valentine 3D, then I’d certainly be interested. I thought MBV3D was a blast in 3D and if they did the same exact type of fun gory flick with the real Myers, that would be great.

  • Count Zartro

    Hahahah “rushed” Rob Zombie, you give him 2 years and he still would churn out stink.

    Bring back Rick Rosenthals….

    *runs and hides laughing like the Green Goblin*

  • DavidFullam

    Hot diggity! Now they will hopefully wise up and take this idiot off of the film. If they don’t, I will indeed be putting up a petition to get the director taken off of this project, or get the film redone by another director if that fails! I don’t want my beloved Micheal Myers to be put in a miner’s helmet or played by Nick Cage! Bet the director will cast his wife too in a big part!

    Remember, I called pointless hate dibs on this new one.

  • TheFritz

    This is more of a sign of the Weinstein Company’s immense financial troubles than it is about the production being “rushed”. They could have given Zombie a decade to make his sequel and it still would have been the colossal pile of compost it was because he’s not a storyteller, he’s a musician.

    It’s time to pull the plug and let this franchise just slip away. After two failed attempts (and enough Sherri Moon to fill a brand new layer of hell all on her own) it’s time to let Michael Myers finally rest in peace.

    Now, if the Weinsteins want to continue to throw away money, I’ve got some fantastic swamp land in the Napa Valley going for real cheap…

Steve Barton

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