Dread Central Hosts Paranormal Activity in Boston

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonThe first woman in line waited 5 hours. Those who jumped in behind her stretched down the alley, across the back of The Coolidge Theater, round the corner and down the street past the theater again … and then even farther on down the road!

An army of horror fans hoping to find out if a little known ghost story could live up to all this hype. Of course, they were also hoping for a damn good time, and we aim to please.

The Paramount press reps had it all under control, handing out wristbands to everyone in line so when the maximum capacity number was hit, there would be no need for anyone to wait in vain. (Well, any longer than we could manage at least. Sorry!)

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in Boston

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonFinally the hour hit, and the theater filled up with an eager audience. Paramount asked me to grab the mic and say a few words, which I gladly did, explaining exactly why supporting a movie like this, on this scale, is so important.

One horror success = five more projects greenlit! That’s just the tip of the iceberg though.

We say we are sick of remakes. Paranormal Activity is a completely original work. Sure, we’ve seen similar stories before, but never like this. For a studio to release this film with very little tweaking is something that should be applauded. It wasn’t long ago that we thought they would just remake it. Miracles do happen!

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonDread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonDread Hosts Paranormal Activity in Boston

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonAt any rate, I shut my mouth and took a seat for an experience I don’t often get … being surrounded by a packed theater of horror fans who are there specifically to see a great movie. Paranormal Activity does something very unique when it seeks to build anticipation for an event. I’ve taken to calling it “the surge”. The audience is conditioned to know when creepy things may happen when a certain tone is played under the normal sounds. This works like nothing I’ve seen in a long time. As these scenes began, I heard one girl in particular let out a loud sigh. This happened like clockwork at the top of every moment like this. It’s as if she was bracing herself for something that might cause her pain. Other more obvious noises filled the theater as a chorus of whimpers turned to sporadic screams and, finally, a tidal wave of shrieks echoed by nervous laughter.

I can honestly say I’ve never heard the bulk of a theater audience stop breathing … become stone silent … and then exhale in unison as the sun rose in a scene. Not only was this amazing to watch, but pretty damn hysterical to be a part of. Though I’d seen 98% of this film already, I’ll admit a scene or two put a knot in my stomach for reasons I couldn’t even explain to anyone. I was also reminded how funny this film is at the start, before descending into total madness. That’s a recipe for success in my book.

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonAll good things must come to an end and with one final moment of torment for the more skittish in our audience, the screen went black. People sat in silence until a timid voice said “Umm, I don’t know what to do.” The entire theater laughed as we realized that was it, and the lights slowly brightened to assure us we could go now. I quickly made for the door and whipped out my camera.

All I’d heard all night is how people hate when they show the terrified audience in a movie trailer. After all, this could be actors, or plants, or both. I decided I would record some legitimate reactions of my own. You’ll have to wait a few days for me to slap that footage together, but I can tell you it contains people who couldn’t stop shaking, die-hard horror fans proclaiming this the scariest film they’d ever seen and one woman who, when I asked how scared she’d gotten, plainly stated, “I felt like I wanted to throw up.” HIGH PRAISE!!!

So, to sum up: Believe the hype. Paranormal Activity gets right what so many movies with triple the budget do not. It scares you. Imagine that. A horror movie scaring people. Happy days.

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonDread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonDread Hosts Paranormal Activity in Boston

Special thanks to Paramount, the Terry Hines crew, the Coolidge crew, and 450 shrieking horror fans for making it a great night!

Visit the official Paranormal Activity website for more. And make sure you are following @TweetYourScream on Twitter and have joined the official Paranormal Activity Facebook fan page!

Dread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonDread Hosts Paranormal Activity in BostonDread Hosts Paranormal Activity in Boston

By Nomad

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  • PelusaMG

    It must have been very exciting to see all those people coming out to support Dread Central… Congrats to you all on what seemed to be a successful evening. Now if you could only brave the snow and come to Minnesota in the next few months, that would be very welcome.

    BTW – I can provide pot roast and s’mores for you all!!

  • erichgamache

    thanks nomad for coming out to boston to host this! it was a great time that hopefully the fans appreciate seeing as how we don’t get as many cool events like this, as compared to places like la and nyc. anyway it was a great film that really does stick with you. i’ve been thinking about it a lot and dam i hope it opens with a bigger release so i can see it again! thanks again dc!

  • Nomad

    It’s hard to compare the two. The original ending is very indie. The new one is a pay off ending that I think the masses will accept more. That said, they are COMPLETELY different directions and I’d say I like them both, but the original ending is more powerful for me.

    Glad you had a good time!

    Oh and to the girl in the front row that said she’d flash her boobs to show her excitement on the reaction vid…go team. 😉

  • mikesnoonian

    This was such a great event, well worth standing in line for two+ hours while waiting to get in. We were a little nervous when midnight passed and the theater started handing out free popcorn. We thought the reels went missing and we were going to get a dramatic reenactment of the movie with sock puppets instead

    I came home and had to watch something light and fluffy on the TiVo for a half hour because there was NO WAY I was getting any sleep.

    The best thing that could happen is this comes out with a wide release and puts up massive numbers. Maybe we’ll get a respite from endless sequels and remakes.

    I was curious as to your thoughts about the new ending vs the orginal. I ended up reading about those last night and man they made me queasy. I hope they’re on the eventual DVD.

    Many thanks to DC for a fantastic night.