Ulli Lommel Has Ken Foree Sniping and Frankenstein Wrestling

Could it be that after years of making no-budget, nearly plotless, factually inaccurate, pseudo-art films based on the exploits of real-life mass murders (like Nightstalker, review here), Ulli Lommel is actually about to try his hand at making a real motion picture, albeit still a really low budget and possibly factually inaccurate film based on a real-life serial killer? How else does one explain Ken Foree signing on to star in Lommel’s take on the DC Sniper?

Granted that Ken Foree is hardly a huge name, but considering the no-name talent Lommel has had star in his output the last few years, signing Ken Foree is akin to Uwe Boll wrangling Tom Cruise to star as “Bounty Bob” in his big screen version of Miner 2049er.

For those in need of a refresher, the DC Sniper (also referred to as the Beltway Sniper) committed a three-week reign of terror in October of 2002 throughout the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Ten were killed. Three were seriously injured. The media had a field day. The arrests revealed that there were two snipers working together: 42-year-old John Allen Muhammad and a 17-year-old John Malvo.

It’s unclear yet whether or not Ken Foree will be portraying John Allen Muhammad or Charles Moose, the police chief who spearheaded the investigation that eventually led to the arrests; the later role strikes me as more befitting given Foree’s age. Principal photography on DC Sniper has completed. Look for it next year.

Ken Foree Stars in Ulli Lommel's DC Sniper

Now here’s where the Ulli Lommel news gets really wacky. Lommel’s website for his Hollywood Action House production company also proudly announces another movie Lommel has in the works for 2010: Frankenstein in 3D. According to his website Lommel “will be directing the film on a $10 million budget, with a delivery date of March, 2010.”


How do these German directors keep getting money like that even after churning out one crap film after the next?

“Frankenstein is ripe for the taking, as long as it is hip and happening. Taking the classic novel into the 21st Century with a teenage Dr. Frankenstein and into the wrestling world in 3D, it is destined to create a new and lasting franchise.”

Let’s recap. Ulli Lommel has $10 million to make a 3D Frankenstein movie about a teenage Dr. Frankenstein who builds himself a Frankenstein’s monster that becomes a professional wrestler?

I hereby take back every bad thing I have ever said about Ulli Lommel and his films. This I want to see. Bring on Frankenstein in 3D!

Though to be perfectly honest, if he really wanted the film to be hip and happening, wouldn’t he be making Frankenstein an ultimate fighter instead of a sports entertainer?

Hat tip to TheGoldenSimitar from the boards for pointing this info out to me.

The Foywonder

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  • theGoldenSimatar

    No worries Foy. Looking at the pictures I’m thinking Foree is gonna be playing Muhammad as other photos you have a young guy who I imagine is suppose to be Malvo in the back of the car Foree is in. Since accuracy isn’t much of a concern for Lommel, wouldn’t be shocked if he cast a skinny white guy to play Moose.

  • DavidFullam

    Well, it’s different to say the least.