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Van Der Beek vs. The Dead



Whoa. We just got a heads up from reader Marc about a story that showed up on Production Weekly this morning that, in all honesty, I just skipped right over. I guess the name James Van Der Beek doesn’t really scream “horror news!” to me…

PD found out that filming is set to begin on April 2nd for Mark Makilaasko’s latest feature, Stone’s War, with Van Der Beek taking on the title role. He will play Captain Martin Stone, the leader of a finely trained group of soldiers attacking an enemy bunker. Said enemy quickly forces the soldiers to retreat back to the woods, where they encounter the very same soldiers they killed moments before. They flee deeper into Russian territory, only to find out that they woke up something much more evil than the hearts of man.

Or something like that. The point is that it seems Van Der Beek is going up against zombies next, which in a way is actually kind of cool. His turn in Rules of Attraction is the only thing he’s done post-“Dawson’s Creek” that hasn’t annoyed the hell out of me; hopefully this time he’ll be even better!

We’ll keep our eyes on Stone’s War and throw more info at you when we uncover it!

Johnny Butane

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