New Evil Next Year

Even though I’m trying really hard not to make a lot out of it, I guess it’s somewhat important for you guys to know that we still have more than a year to wait for Resident Evil: Extinction, the second sequel in the steadily declining franchise.

Declining in terms of quality, that is, not necessarily box office returns, which is why we’re even talking about a third movie in the first place. I blame all of you that went out to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse during its opening weekend. Anyway, Screen Gems has officially set the release for Extinction as September 7th, 2007. The sequel was directed by Razorback helmer Russell Mulcahy, which is really the only thing about it that has me the least bit curious.

Sony has also set Andrew Douglas’ Priest for August 17, 2007, and the Sarah Jessica Parker-starrer Vacancy for April 13th, 2007. Stay tuned for more on all three films, including a set visit to RE: Extinction done by someone far more excited for the sequel than I, very soon!

Johnny Butane

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