Terror Tweets: Mother’s Day Cameos and Resident Evil: Afterlife

A couple more stories for you today came crawling out of the land of Twitter, or, as it is also known, the Twitterverse, concerning casting on two upcoming flicks we’re all pretty excited about: Resident Evil: Afterlife and Darren Bousman’s Mother’s Day.

Terror Tweets from Twitter

First up some Resident Evil: Afterlife casting news broke on the Twitter page of Boris Kodjoe (who will also be starring in the upcoming film Surrogates) where the actor let this little tidbit of info slip out:

“In Toronto meeting with the director of my new movie Resident Evil: Afterlife. Very exciting!!! Lots of stunts, shooting guns, monsters…”

The upcoming 3D sequel will be written (oh, sweet Jesus) and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, and in it we’ll also see Milla Jovovich returning once again to play Alice. Milla in 3D? I can live with that. No problem.

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Then Darren Bousman fired off a TwitPic from his account teasing two really unexpected cameos that have made their way into his remake of Mother’s Day – Charles and Lloyd Kaufman (respectively, director and producer of the original Mother’s Day)! Pretty cool of Bousman to include the Kaufmans as a great nod to the source material. Dig on the pic below, and look for more soon!

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Mother's Day cameos

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