Moon Phases Dictating Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse Premieres?

Coincidence? Brilliant marketing campaign? Or just downright spooky? All across the Net today light bulbs have been going off above people’s heads as they realized that on November 16th, 2009, the date for the official premiere of Summit’s first Twilight Saga sequel, New Moon, there will be a legitimate “new moon”. And that’s just the half of it!

Also, on June 26th, 2010, a partial lunar eclipse will occur. Assuming Summit follows its usual routine of premiering the film four days before its official release date, that will mean Eclipse (on track for a June 30th release) will be screened for the first time during an actual … eclipse.’s “Twilight Examiner” Amanda Bell is who connected the dots for us, although, as mentioned, the story is trickling out all over the Internet. She also pointed us in the direction of VancityAllie, a Vancouver girl who scored some pictures and scoops from the scene in Eclipse where the “newborns” arrive in Forks. Here’s a small sample:

It’s a picturesque scene, with mountains and water framing the background of the shot, and a sparse unoccupied beach for the newborns to arrive on… then they disappear into the forest. The vampire newborns looked absolutely chilling, and their rugged military-like outfits along with steely, determined glares just added to the mood. Filmed early in the morning, this scene was designed to look as if it had been shot at night, possibly just after dusk or just before dawn.

Riley (Xavier Samuel) and Bree (Jodelle Ferland) were on set as well as a number of newborn vampires we have NEVER seen before.

There are two distinct scenes … scenes where the female newborn is talking to a male newborn, and the main scene (which they spent most of the time shooting) where there are three newborns including Riley coming out of the water onto the shore. They don’t come out of the water in the books, but I think it is a nice dramatic addition.

There’s a LOT more detail in the story — hit up the link or click the below slice of one of Allie’s photos for the rest.

Some of Eclipse's Newborns

Lastly, Lainey Gossip piles on some more Eclipse updates with a synopsis of what the cast has been working on this week:

First few days it was fight training, learning how to battle an army of new vampires. Then yesterday “Jacob” runs with “Bella” in his arms while he tells her why he doesn’t want to be the top dog even though it’s his birthright.

They also have several samples of the “Twi-Hard hatemail” they’ve received lately. Hilarious stuff, let me tell you!

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