Dread Central’s Terrifying Top 13 Haunted Attractions!

# 8 – Erebus Haunted Attraction – Pontiac, Michigan

Erebus Dread

Photo Courtesy Erebus

This huge haunted house on the outskirts of Detroit is housed in a multi-story parking garage filled to the top with terror. Guests travel through time to different zones where creatures grab them, try to eat them, and ultimately they are buried alive. Some have compared this haunt to an obstacle course where moving walls, bottomless pits, and shifting floors constantly alter the path of those trying to escape. Erebus houses many special effects that can be found nowhere else in the world, as they build them on-site at the attraction.

# 9 – The Beast – Kansas City, Missouri

Beast Dread

Photo Courtesy The Beast

Truly a legend among haunted houses, The Beast is just that, a cavernous haunted attraction featuring terrifying scares based on your darkest fears. Traveling from a swamp filled with live snakes and a live alligator, visitors descend to a forest filled with marauding werewolves and cobblestone streets stalked by Jack the Ripper. Other effects include powerful lightning and thunder, Haunted Mansion style ghosts, and a huge torture chamber. The sets are stunningly realistic and can be traveled through in no set path, creating a sense of being lost like nowhere else. The final event is a 4-story slide that will scare almost anyone.

#10 – Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, Texas

Cutting Edge Dread

Photo Courtesy Cutting Edge

Housed in a former meat packing plant, Cutting Edge is famous for being one of the largest haunted houses in the world. Skillfully using darkness, confusing mazes, and a team of percussionists pounding on barrels to confuse and disorient causes guests to be lost inside for over an hour. Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, the huge facility can be seen from major highways due to the massive monsters they place on the building every Halloween season. Cutting Edge is also famous for having a giant foam room in the haunt that douses customers in suds as they try to escape.

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