Dread Central’s Terrifying Top 13 Haunted Attractions!

# 4 – 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

13th Gate Dread

Photo Courtesy 13th Gate

Renowned for its exacting detail and amazing sets, 13th Gate is a must-see haunted attraction on any list. Built using movie studio techniques, this expansive event has 13 different themed areas, including sets like the streets of London, a vast New Orleans style graveyard, and a live voodoo show that oozes the creepy atmosphere of the Louisiana swamps. The 13th Gate has also added escape rooms as a new side attraction that lets guest escape from a deep well before a serial killer returns.

#5 – The Darkness – St. Louis, Missouri 

Darkness Dread

Photo Courtesy The Darkness

This extremely famous haunted attraction in St. Louis is the brainchild of Halloween Productions, a company that builds haunted houses and theme park attractions all over the world.  Packed to the brim with creatures, CGI effects, scary sets, and killer clowns, visitors to The Darkness are overwhelmed by the amount of detail that surrounds them. The tour begins in a jungle with live snakes and piranhas and ends in a monster museum filled with a huge collection of movie memorabilia – a perfect place to enjoy Halloween in the shadow of the famous St. Louis Arch.

# 6 – 13th Floor – Denver, Colorado

13th Floor Dread

Photo Courtesy 13th Floor

Starting out in Denver, this chain of haunted houses is so popular that it has spread all over the country with attractions in a number of U.S. cities. Each attraction is different but still uses skilled actors and high levels of production value to tell the story of the legendary 13th Floor Haunted House. Guests ride elevators to reach this floor where anything can and does happen, including attacking werewolves, legions of the undead, and legends of Halloween. They also have a Zombie Apocalypse event that runs the rest of the year where you can shoot zombies in a real life “Walking Dead” style adventure.

#7 – Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bates Motel Dread

Photo Courtesy Bates Motel

Guests rave about this exciting hayride, haunted house, and corn maze filled with extremely scary actors (that just might touch you), animatronics, and massive pyrotechnic effects. Just a short distance from Philadelphia, Farmer Bates has transformed a normal farm from a wonderful daytime setting to a nighttime horror show with few equals, featuring a 200-foot cave, Hollywood style sets and props, and a 100-foot drive-through asylum. Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride has also been featured on many TV networks, including the Travel Channel.

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