Dread Central Presents: Paranormal Activity in Boston! See it FREE!

As you well know, we’ve been talking up Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity (review here) since the very beginning, and we are proud as hell to be one of the first sites to get the ball rolling for this film. Now that plans have officially been firmed up, it’s only right that we actually bring you a free Dread Central sponsored screening! Are you ready, Boston?

Dread Central’s own Nomad and Matt Fini will be on hand to make sure you guys have a great time and maybe even go home with a thing or two!

Here are the full details:

Location: The Coolidge
Address: 290 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA 02134
Seats: 440
Time: 11:59 PM
Date: Thursday night, September 24th

To gain admittance to the show, you must be AGE 17 OR OLDER, and all you have to do to RSVP for this event is CLICK HERE to be added to the guest list! HURRY NOW and get clicking because seats WILL go FAST!

After a young, middle class couple (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) move into what seems like a typical suburban “starter” tract house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night. Especially when they sleep. Or try to.

Click on the image below to see the trailer, and be sure to visit the official Paranormal Activity website for more.

And make sure you are following @TweetYourScream on Twitter and have joined the official Paranormal Activity Facebook fan page!

By Uncle Creepy

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  • maxpower212


  • click67

    I did demand it you dweeb, as a matter of fact several times, you think I’m stupid or what?

  • zelda1234

    How long is a screening? part of the movie or the whole movie?

    • The Woman In Black

      It’s the whole thing.

    • Nomad

      The movie is 84 minutes. Get to the theater EARLY. As with all free screenings, the place is over booked to assure a full house.

  • Mephistopheles

    It turns out I have an exam for my 9 AM class, so it seems unlikely now unfortunately that I’ll be able to see it this time. Hopefully it’ll come by later.

  • Floydian Trip

    You wanna really be scared????? After the show go take a drive on the Mass Turnpike.

  • click67

    Uhhhh!!!! Why on earth are they not showing it at the ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE IN SAN ANTONIO?? I mean they are showing at the DRaft House in Austin, and believe me it will fill up quick as they always sell out when there are special screenings, PLEASE GET IT THERE!

    • Uncle Creepy

      Demand it dude. That’s what that button above is for!

  • kiddcapone

    Boston? On come on! What’s wrong with Scranton, Pa ???? Wait, on second thought…don’t answer that.

  • mikesnoonian

    I am so pumped for this movie. I might run up and down the ailse and high five everyone during the preshow.

  • Pops821

    Psyched for this.

    Quick question for anyone who feels qualified to answer it: the Coolidge has this thing up on their website for purchasing tickets at 9 bucks a pop, so will Dread Central have a separate booth or something for people who RSVP’d via the website or will that guest list be available at the box office itself? Kind of freaking out about it because of the seemingly contradictory evidence.

    • The Woman In Black

      It must be some kind of mistake. We have the entire theatre for the night, and it’s definitely free. If you sign up via the link we provided, you’ll be fine.

      • Pops821

        Thank you for clearing that up. I feel better now!

  • Floydian Trip

    Why Boston? It’s a great city and all but goddamn is it infuriating to drive around in with its narrow cobblestone streets and every street is one way. Arrggg. Do it at The Vic Theatre in Chicago next. Those guys would love to screen it for you.

    • The Woman In Black

      Who drives in Boston? Take the trolley! I lived there 3 years and didn’t even own a car.

      Actually, we picked Boston because both Nomad and Matt are close by and can handle the screening for us. Chicago is having its own at the Music Box: http://www.paranormalmovie.com/chicago/

      • xfoley8

        Trolley stops running at 1:00 am. Too bad. I would have gone for this, but (and call me wimpy if you must), I live too far away to bother to drive in. I would go (by trolley) if it was an 8:00, or even 10:00 showing. Probably would cost too much for a free showing (and theater rental) during prime time, I’m guessing.

    • mikesnoonian

      The Coolidge is actually in Brookline, and it’s not as bad getting around there, plus there’s a lot of parking (unlike downtown Boston) and it’s a massive independently run theater.

      They’ve done very cool events there such as Firefly marathonns and a TCM midnight show with a Q&A with Gunnar Hansen afterwards.

  • Mephistopheles

    I would have loved to see this, but seeing a midnight showing will kill me the next day as I have a 9 AM class…

    • Uncle Creepy

      Dude … just do it. You wont be sorry.

      • Mephistopheles

        What the heck, I added my name in.

        • Uncle Creepy

          Crom is pleased.

          • Sandstonesoft


        • Sandstonesoft

          Chances are you wouldn’t have learned anything useful at that class anyway. You’ve chosen wisely.

    • Masked Slasher

      It’s a short movie. You know you want to do it!

      • Uncle Creepy

        Dread Central: Promoting delinquency one student at a time.

    • Emy

      Just go. Skip class if you need… Or do as I used to do and have an energy drink before class and you’ll be fine.

  • The Butcher

    Fuck YES.