First Details: The Reef Shows its Teeth

Sharks are probably one of the scariest creatures on the planet. There’s just no reasoning with them. You’re not a person in their cold black eyes. You, just like everything else in their way, are simply lunch. Hell, depending on your size, maybe even just a snack! It’s that very justified fear of these creatures that the filmmakers behind The Reef hope to tap into.

The Reef is Aussie writer/director/producer Andrew (Black Water) Traucki’s second feature, and you can keep tabs on his progress via The Reef Blog. He describes the film as “swimming the line between horror and psychological thriller, a terrifying tale of true survival. A tale that for me asks the fascinating questions, What would I do in this situation? How would I react? Would I be a survivor or would I die?

The film’s official site states the film is based on a true story and provides a synopsis.

Andrew Traucki's The Reef

Kate, her brother Matt, and his girlfriend Suzie arrive at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to meet up with Kate’s ex-lover Luke. Luke and his friend Warren deliver boats round the world for a living. Luke’s offered to take his three friends sailing for a week on a boat he has to deliver to Indonesia. On the water Kate and Luke’s relationship starts to reignite, but it’s fraught with old conflicts. Dawn, the next day. Suddenly the boat flips. There is a frantic struggle to save themselves and get onto the overturned hull. On top of the hull they see that the keel has been ripped away.

Assessing the situation, Luke decides their best chance for survival is to swim for a nearby island. Should they swim, or should they stay? One of them refuses to go whilst the other four decide to try and make the island. As they swim, they become aware that they are being stalked by a huge shark.

The five stars are Damian Walshe-Howling (Luke), Zoe Naylor (Kate), Gyton Grantley (Matt), Adrienne Pickering (Suzie), and Kieran Darcy-Smith (Warren).

Production is slated to begin October, 2009 with executive producer Lightning Entertainment shooting for a release in late 2010. And they have a very interesting hook. In order to help make you feel like you are there with the cast and crew, footage will be streaming live from the set during the making of the film starting November 5. In addition, there will be live interviews with the actors and the director.

Click here to sign up for the streaming, poke around the rest of The Reef website and register to win tickets to the premiere, and follow @thereefmovie on Twitter, where you can learn choice tidbits about the filming process such as “Aaaaarrrrggg. Had to move our filming location to Hervey Bay from Whitsundays due to stinger season. Ahhhh litigation risk.” Forget the sharks … Damn stingers get you every time!

By Uncle Creepy

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  • will graham

    Black Water was good (much better than Rogue), however this sounds far too much like that film, might as well call it Black Water 2.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Sharks = Awesome.