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Joss Whedon talks new projectsJoss Whedon is a busy man – impressive to me since I’d written him off as a one trick pony after the Buffy comic all but ended my enthusiasm for the series.

Anyway, Joss is back with a vengeance, between gearing up the second season of Dollhouse and working closely with Drew Goddard on The Cabin in the Woods, it looks like the writer/director’s fans will have plenty to anticipate in the upcoming months.

According to Sci-Fi Wire Dollhouse‘s second season will further the mythology of Echo (Eliza Dushku) and the Dollhouse by showing her cycle through different imprints over the course of an engagement. In the climax, Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) hits Echo to trigger an imprint that will give her the fighting skills to escape a desperate situation. Later this season, Whedon regulars Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau will join the cast.

Be sure to check out a the full interview at the Wire, which also includes some tasty info on Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along and more.


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  1. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is one wacky script. And they’re gonna need a great cast in that thing or it’ll be an utter shambles.

      • Yeah, it’s packin’ some MEGA info! When Joss said that Cabin In The Woods was “really coming along” I was nearly blown out of my seat! That’s some scoop! And when he confirmed that Dollhouse will be returning for another season with some Buffy cast members, I was knocked on my ass from the sheer awesomeness of it all! And then, when he refused to actually divulge any info whatsoever about Goners… well that was just too amazing! Great stuff!!!

          • Forget the hug, I need a BJ. Did my comments on the excessive number of Paranormal Activity news stories touch a nerve? You and Creepy have been even more defensive than usual, WIB.

          • Not being defensive at all … you’re just being more of a douche than usual, and hey … someone has to call you on it! ;)

          • Roger that!

            Memo to self: Refrain from saying anything that could be construed as vaguely negative about Paranormal Activity.

          • You’re such an ass. LOL! We’re not even talking about that flick here. Hence you’re aforementioned wild-fingered douchebaggery. ;) For the record you can say anything you want about PA or any movie. It’s when you start critiquing every little thing that we do that will make me eventually take a text based shoe to your sac. LOL

          • I keed ’cause I luv!

            Actually, I knew the second that I posted that one word comment at the top of this thread that either you or your mate would arrive and put me in my place. And that’s all it took. One single word. Am I good or what?!

            What can I say? I’m a writer. I’m a stickler for words. And the word MEGA hardly described anything in that story. It wasn’t mean as a scathing critique. It wasn’t said in outrage. It was a one word jibe. But it was enough to get you both here to scold me. And that’s all that really matters.

          • I see your one word and I raise you TWO! Can ya guess what they are? *rimshot* Am I good or what?

          • Don’t you have another Paranormal Activity story you should be tweeting?

          • Yep. Several. Gonna dedicate every one of them to you. ;) There was a time however when we were pumping out at least two to three stories about H2 a day for like a week straight. How come no complaints then? I know. Zombie fetish! BUSTED!

          • Try ULTRA instead of MEGA next time. You know, like ULTRA Joss Whedon Update! Add the exclamation mark too. It makes the story seem more urgent.

          • Don’t you have a script to go and write? Or have you given up screenwriting to critique news stories? ;)

          • How ’bout MAXI Joss Whedon Update? Or possibly TURBO Joss Whedon Update?

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