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Dead Body Unearthed in Exclusive Trailer Premiere



Dead Body

Ah, the good times we have hanging out with friends, huh? Hijinx! Mischief! Death! It’s all in a good night’s fun! And you’ll get to join in on that fun when the indie flick Dead Body plays the New York City Horror Film Festival! Check out the teaser trailer premiere right here.

From the Press Release:
Dead Body, the latest movie from veteran producers Ian Bell and Ramon Isao, will make its world premiere at the NYC Horror Festival on Saturday, November 14. Directed by first-time female filmmaker Bobbin Ramsey, the movie is a clever and gory slasher-meets-whodunit. Set in a secluded cabin, a summer outing turns deadly when nine friends play a game that becomes dangerously real.

Dead Body stands out thanks to the impressive acting of its cast, all of whom have strong backgrounds in theater, inspired by excellent direction of Bobbin Ramsey, an experienced stage director. Says Ramsey, “The most important thing to remember when working with actors in a horror movie is to constantly remind them of the stakes. Remembering that every character is fighting for survival, no matter where you are in the chronology of the film, is necessary in building the momentum of the horror and giving the character forward movement through the plot.”

The movie also succeeds due to its clever manipulation of both the horror and whodunit genres. The picture is reminiscent of Clue and the works of Agatha Christie as it constantly keeps the audience guessing, but also provides the satisfying thrills led by a strong female lead, in keeping with the best of the slashers.

Dead Body was written and produced by Ramon Isao (Zombies of Mass Destruction, Junk) and Ian Bell (The Dinner Table, La Trocha). It was shot by A.J. Rickart-Epstein (Lost Time, Junk, Compound Fracture) with effects by Shane Saucedo of Hellbent Studios.

The NYC Horror Festival, which runs November 12-14, 2015, is a highly competitive, world-renowned event. Past guests have included Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and Roger Corman.

Nine friends. One of them a killer. How many will make it through the weekend alive?

While spending a few days at a secluded cabin, nine college friends decide to liven things up by playing a game called Dead Body. The rules are simple: draw lots to see who plays the murderer, turn off all the lights, hide in the dark until someone “dies,” then try to figure out “whodunit.”

The game becomes deadly when one of the players embarks on a series of all-too-real murders. Then it’s up to the survivors to overcome their paranoia, mistrust, and some long-buried animosities in order to out the killer and make it through the night.

Dead Body





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