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SupportHorror Helps Filmmakers Bring Their Nightmares to Life



There are a lot of avenues budding filmmakers can navigate to bring their creations to life. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and Seed & Spark are just a handful of websites that allow directors to accept donations from would-be fans who believe in the project and want to help fund its creation.

Enter SupportHorror, a new website that focuses primarily on terrifying motion pictures. In short: If you’re looking to leave your own mark on the genre, SupportHorror can help introduce prospective fans to the project you’re hoping to create. Sounds like a win-win situation.

From the Press Release:
SupportHorror today announced the launch of a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to funding indie horror film projects. The new crowdfunding site is now accepting new campaigns for horror feature films, shorts, and web-series.

SupportHorror differentiates itself from the competition by being the only crowdfunding platform wholly dedicated to indie horror films. The new site uses social media, podcasting, and websites/blogs to actively promote film funding campaigns directly to the horror fan community. CEO, Michael Steinberg, Esq. states, “SupportHorror has a targeted niche audience, enabling us to directly communicate with horror fans and connect them with the filmmakers. Once you do that, magic happens.”

SupportHorror offers horror fans an easy way to find and learn about new horror film campaigns and actively contribute to those films in the form of funding contributions. The filmmakers, in turn, can establish rewards as a way of thanking fans for their loyalty and dedication to the genre they care so much for. Active promotion of film campaigns can significantly improve contribution levels through increased exposure.

SupportHorror’s CEO Michael Steinberg is better known in the horror industry as the founder of Found Footage Critic a website and online community dedicated to horror found footage films. Michael Steinberg says, “I started Found Footage Critic with one goal in mind, to bring all found footage films produced around the world under one roof for fans to read about, rate, discuss, and review. Before Found Footage Critic, finding all but the most popular found footage films was an arduous task, especially the rare titles that are mostly unknown except to a handful of devout fans.”

While working on Found Footage Critic, and still to this day, I am approached by indie studios and filmmakers on a weekly basis asking if I could help promote their films at various stages of production. This got me thinking, what’s missing in the horror industry is a crowdfunding platform that actively promotes funding campaigns – and ‘SupportHorror’ was born!”

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