Boggy Creek Remake is NOT a Remake

We’ve been keeping tabs on the recently announced Legend of Boggy Creek remake. As it turns out, this remake isn’t really a remake after all. Boggy Creek will have a similar theme as the original but is not really a remake, will not be done in the docudrama style, and has a monster that owes more to a man-creature of Caddo Indian mythology than the Fouke Monster portrayed in the original.

A Dread Central reader known simply as “Daniel” sent me a heads-up on a story that appeared in the Texarkana Gazette the other day covering the beginning of production on Boggy Creek, which begins shooting this week in the Jefferson, Texas area. Filmmaker Brian T. Jaynes told the Gazette, “We wanted something that is a little more ominous” and “essentially our story revolves around five young kids who’ve been friends all their lives.” He goes on to say these friends are meant to “inspire either love or hate.” I can only assume that’s code language for “some of them are really obnoxious“.

The article also notes that Legend of Boggy Creek director Charles B. Pierce will be honored with the Judges Special Recognition Award from the Arkansas Arts Council at the Artlinks conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas on October 6th.

Since there are no stills or promotional artwork available at this time, I figured why not use this opportunity for everyone to enjoy the opening intro to the 1977 Saturday morning kiddie show “Bigfoot & Wildboy”? Enjoy.

The Foywonder

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  • fantabulistic

    I still liked this “remake but not a remake” better the first time when it was called “Wild Man of the Navidad.” I’d bet a million dollars that this one blows – if I had it to bet, that is.

  • DavidFullam

    If the Arkansas Arts Council ever saw Pierce’s performance in “Grey Eagle,” they wouldn’t be honoring him with anything other than a Golden Turkey.

  • Bone Daddy

    Ah, Saturday morning T.V. in the 70’s. It was an ‘event’. I’d rather have Bigfoot and Wildboy DVD that some sort of Boggy Creek re-do or whatever the hell you want to call it.I’ll stick to the MST3K version of Boggy Creek 2.

  • Sandstonesoft

    In related news, Sylvester Stallone has confirmed to Variety that Rambo 6 will detail a mission Rambo takes with his 22-year-old fishing partner Wildboy and a group of elite interpretive dance experts to track down Bigfoot in a remote region just south of the Amazon. As Rambo and WildBeau strain to survive the beast’s relentless hunger for Pantene, they are forced to accept that their enemy may in fact have irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Hoop

    We need Bigfoot & Wildboy on DVD.