Connelly, Jennifer (9)

Jennifer Connelly talks 9Actress Jennifer Connelly has taken on a lot of intriguing and challenging roles throughout her career. Starting with her performance debut in Labyrinth, she continued to take on unconventional projects. Her latest movie, the animated feature 9, is no exception.

In the flick, Connelly provides the voice for number 7, and it was a character that immediately spoke to her.

Number 7 is a lone warrior but is also still protective of her clan,” explained Connelly. “She has an independent streak to her too even though she was always looking out for the other creatures. I thought she was a fun but complicated character because of the duality of her nature.”

Working on 9 was the first time the diverse actress had ever done a voice-over type performance. While Connelly enjoyed the experience, she did discuss how different working on animated film is when compared to working on a regular film set.

Connelly said, “It was a peculiar experience. There are no rehearsals, so you get to know the other actors. You pretty much get your script and materials and then dive right into the work. I did work with Shane (Acker, the director) for the first session just so I could collaborate with him on my character. It’s interesting because you’re invested in something but you have this distance from it too.

While the actress has said that she doesn’t intentionally pick avant-garde work, she’s the first to say that she does generally only pick projects that resonate with her.

Connelly said, “I don’t try to make a point to pick “weird” parts but I like to challenge myself with intriguing materials and to work with people who have a unique vision. For me, Shane definitely had that unique vision.

Once I saw the short film, I completely trusted in Shane so I wanted my work on 9 to support his vision. He’s so talented and he’s got a lot going on in the film. I have no idea how he made this movie look as amazing as he has. It’s more than a movie, it’s a piece of art,” Connelly added.

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