Patrick Lussier in Talks for Halloween 3D?

Lussier for Halloween 3D?Lots of names have been floating around about who will helm Halloween 3D for the Weinsteins (providing they work out their troubles by next summer). From Steve Miner to Alex Aja to My Bloody Valentine helmer Patrick Lussier. While all of these makes sense, it seems that Lussier’s name is packing the heaviest punch.

Variety reports today that the director with whom the ailing company has been in talks to clean up the mess left behind by Rob Zombie is indeed Patrick Lussier. Yet, here’s the rub — the guy is super busy with Drive Angry now taking the first priority slot on his directorial slate. Could that change? Never say never.

We spoke with Patrick last week when the rumor came across our desks, but even he took an “ask me again a little later” type approach.

We’ll keep monitoring things for you in the hope that this happens. And that of it does, Lussier will grab Todd Farmer so the two of them can get busy doing the one thing fans have been clamoring for: the act of GIVING US BACK OUR MICHAEL MYERS! What do you guys think?

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  • DavidFullam

    Dang, now I have to adjust it. Okay, here goes, remember, work in progress and all that…

    Goddamn it to Hell, mugga fugga! I don’t want that prick Lussier to fuck up the Halloween franchise. He’ll put Mikey in a miner’s helmet and set it all underground. I am going to start a petition to get this director off of the film, and if that fails, a petition to get to finished film re-shot by a different team.

    Pick someone already guys, I got to know who I’m fighting against here! 😛

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Its almost a natural choice picking Lussier, he’s one of only a few directors with experience in directing for the new digital 3D camera systems and MBV was a success. I’m guessing the Weinsteins are hoping that financial success bleeds into this film.

  • will graham

    Forgot to mention.

    Do you guys really want him to work for the Weinsteins again?

  • Permafrost

    I find it a little funny when people talk about Halloween and how there has to be some perfect remake/reboot of it waiting to be made.

    Let’s face it… The original and the sequel aren’t going anywhere and those are as perfect as can be. Anything after that (not including “Season Of The Witch”) is just more rehashing and repetition. They have their moments, but not by much.

    I honestly enjoyed what Rob Zombie was able to contribute to the series and I cannot see any other director out there being able to do much better. Worse, yes… but not better.

    • Sandstonesoft

      I disagree completely. I think there are plenty of talented writers and directors out there that could reboot the franchise in a way that actually makes sense, i.e. updating the story in a way that focuses on the strengths of the original film instead of raping the story of all dread, tension and subtlety in a half-assed attempt to make it more shocking.

      The first Halloween is a pinnacle of horror filmmaking, but it’s not like there aren’t things that can be improved upon it, small issues born of budgetary constraints, amateurish performances and the fact that the film is 3 decades old and doesn’t have the same effect on modern audiences as it did in it’s time.

      These problems can be addressed with the same budgets as the RZ movies were afforded but with someone else at the helm that has more respect for the way the original went about scaring people: with the buildup of fear before the kills and the prolonging of it to the point where you honestly had no idea when Myers would strike; with a return to the sinister idea that Myers was a normal-seeming boy from a normal family who, without meaning or explanation, housed an unkillable and unstoppable evil, as opposed to some redneck spawn who owes his outlook on life to his stereotypically over-the-top white trash upbringing; and with an understanding that true fear isn’t concocted by making things look grimy and bloody, it’s attained by creating character-identification and an intelligent mixture of deliberate pacing and payoff scares that imbue the film with the sense of inevitable terror the original achieved.

      • AriesofPitt

        VERY well said Sandstone and Ultimo!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ultimo Franco

        You make a lot of good points. Why not find a director who understands SUSPENSE? That’s one of the things that made the original film so memorable. It wasn’t just the idea of a masked killer slaughtering teens that turned Carpenter’s film into such a phenomenon. It was the fact that the film kept you on the edge of your seat for the entire running time. It was Carpenter’s expert use of silence, and stillness, and shadow that kept people glued to the screen. Carpenter’s film is a well-oiled suspense machine. Surely there’s a director out there who understands that keeping the audience in a state of nerve-shredding suspense is important in a horror film.

        That’s why hiring Zombie always seemed like such a bad idea to me. Nothing in his resume hints at an ability to create suspense. He’s all about blunt force. He’s all about clubbing the audience over the head again and again and again with brutality. He’s a one trick pony. He’s a numbskull with a camera, not an artist with an appreciation for subtlety. The original Halloween is practically austere in its single-minded focus on scaring the living daylights out of the audience, not on shoving their noses in filth and gore. Have directors forgotten the art of suspense? Have they forgotten the value of creeping dread?

        Sadly, the idea of a Halloween in 3D seems like another move in exactly the wrong direction. It’s funny that Hitchcock’s Psycho and Carpenter’s Halloween are often discussed as the grandfather and father of the modern slasher film. What do those two films have in common? They’re both SCARY. They both strive to make the audience hold its collected breath, not vomit on the floor of the theater.

        • Sandstonesoft

          I agree with everything you’re saying, and i think a big part of the problem nowadays is that we’re collectively at a weird sort of intersection between the profitability of remakes of familiar material and the success of torture porn as highly marketable style of filmmaking. Right now, the easiest thing to do as an executive looking to make a solid gross on a genre picture is to acquire the rights of a well-respected classic or franchise with all it’s instant name-recognition and remake it with as much unrestrained brutal violence and gore as possible, so the directors they choose to helm these reboots tend to be the guys who are more skilled with a chainsaw than a scalpel, so to speak. RZ is the perfect guy to choose to do a Halloween remake, provided your thought process is more about making money and appealing to the Saw 5 audience than it is about respecting the source material and actually making a good movie.

  • fceurich39

    so will this even be able to made in time and be out by 2010???

    • AriesofPitt

      If you goto there is also an article regarding this and a release date of next summer. Here is a brief intro:

      Over the weekend Yahoo news reported a quote from Bob Weinstein regarding the next Halloween film being released next summer and will take advantage of the new 3-D technology out there.
      We are here to confirm that report and let everyone know that Halloween will be back next year in 3-D. We don’t have an official press release at the moment, but wanted to at least confirm the news to you and will post more when we can.

  • mycho

    YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! Get Myers back to being awesome. Please!!!!!!!!!

  • PelusaMG

    Rob Zombie’s two films have been the equivalent of the “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin” of the Halloween franchise (i.e. the ones that finally drove it into the ground). What it needs is a re-boot akin to “Batman Begins”… Hey, maybe Christopher Nolan would be up for a go if we asked him nicely – please, pretty pleeeease!

    • Sandstonesoft

      That idea is as awesome as it is unlikely.

  • will graham

    I know this sounds crazy but I actually perfer if he did a Nicolas Cage flick.