Dimension Dying a Slow Death? Chaos at the Studio!

Dimension Dying a Slow Death? Chaos at the Studio!It looks like a very unhappy Halloween for Bob and Harvey Weinstein and everyone over at Dimension. It seems the studio is bleeding out and not in the fun way that we’re used to seeing up on the big screen.

Deadline Hollywood reported today that the Hong Kong division of Bob and Harvey’s company closed shop and the UK office is now down to one employee. How could this happen? Simply put, they’re running out of money and doing so quickly.

From the Article:
Even though Inglourious Basterds has been doing better than expected at the box office, TWC still has to share the worldwide revenues 50-50 with Universal. At one point, Uni was nervous whether The Weinstein Company even had the $30M necessary to adequately release IB domestically because TWC had depleted all its cash reserves, taken out a $75M bridge loan from Ziff Brothers Investment, and put all of its other movie releases on hold. True, Basterds gave Quentin Tarantino his biggest opening ever, thus erasing Harv’s fears this would be a Grindhouse-like flop. But Basterds had a negative cost of $72M and a humongous first-dollar gross participation — as much as 25% — for Tarantino and Brad Pitt.

Then there’s The Weinstein Company’s release of its 100%–owned Halloween II one week later. The first in the Rob Zombie rebooted franchise opened with a solid $26.3M weekend back on August 31, 2007 — promising a newly invigorated franchise. Didn’t happen. Last weekend, Zombie’s fan-repelling Halloween II managed only a $16.3M debut weekend, which was a huge disappointment. Not just to Harv, but to others. Because several TWC filmmakers were told that the Weinsteins have to see how Halloween II opens before they decide how many movies they can open for the rest of 2009.”

So what does this mean for the rest of their film slate, including Aja’s much anticipated Piranha 3D and the proposed fourth entry in the Scream franchise? To quote the “new” Loomis from Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake …

“I don’t know, but it can’t be good.”

Stay tuned.

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • The Buz

    Also keep in mind that TWC has an exclusive agreement with Blockbuster (probably because they own it) on their films. When they hit dvd, they only go to Blockbuster for rent.

    Now I know Blockbuster has a fairly large customer base, but netflix members and other rental outlet customers don’t even know some of TWC’s releases are even in existence. If they’ve never heard of them from going to their video store, how can they be expected to buy them or look for other releases from the company?

    That and Blockbuster is going under fast so there’s another notch in TWC’s death twitch.

  • Tshoffie

    Fuck the Wiensteins let them go under they brought it on themselves and should have to reap the consequences of it.and besides horror might even thrive better without them

  • Raider Redux

    If the Weinsteins are to survive (which I don’t believe they will, but here goes anyway) they’ll need to sell or partner up with other Prod Cos on the films that are already in production/development and share the financial risk; and they should hire a certain executive who used to work for Lionsgate and built that company into the horror powerhouse it once was. It’s no coincidence that once he was let go the company has gone into a nosedive. Hire that boy at Dimension and let him take advantage of LGF’s sudden weakness and turn that place around.

  • will graham

    there’s been a strong rumor that all the UK independant companies are reluctant in doing businness with the Weinsteins due to how they treated Momentum Pictures over Grindhouse.

    The story goes that Momentum (owned by Alliance Atlantis) had already spent money advertising Grindhouse as the whole film. There were print adverts with a release date as well as cinema trailers. But The Weinsteins panicked after Grindhouse flopped in America and forced Momentum to delay and split the films in 2, causing Momentum to lose money.

    Few uk indepandents can afford that to happen to them and have only made small offers on Weinstein films since.

  • Rorschach

    I guess the Dimensions EXTREME DVDs aren’t doing jack to help the company either?

    I mean, say what you will, but there have been a few quite good DE films.

    • Cash Bailey

      Only because they were too cheap and piss-scared to put absolute masterpieces like INSIDE and MARTYRS into theatres.

      • Rorschach

        Not to mention good to great films like THE KILLING GENE, TEETH, STORM WARNING, the FEAST series, 13: GAME OF DEATH, ect.

        Like I said, they really did hurt themselves by not widely promoting more of those films.

  • X-Count

    What happened to the studio was mainly two things, Grindhouse and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. They totally fucked the marketing and releases of both films up worse than I’ve ever seen a studio do. Grindhouse should’ve been released in the fall which probably would’ve made the film do better, not on fucking Easter weekend! Secondly, Zack and Miri Make a Porno should’ve been released at least a month or two earlier than October and they should’ve oh… I dunno, maybe marketed it better. Not just give it like 2 or 3 weeks of a few TV spots. Now with H2 flopping worse than a fish on land after a bear swats it out of water, I see the Weinstein Company collapsing completely in the near future. Kevin Smith already jumped ship to Warner Bros. making his first ever studio movie with Bruce Willis. So that should be an eye-opener to the studio that their time is up.

  • Chainsaw

    It’s almost getting to the point where it’s getting harder and harder to get any movie made and have it be profitable. It may reach a zero hour eventually where the cost far outweighs the money to be recouped. And that’s going to be a scary day.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    They clearly don’t pay attention to anything but receipts. If they had they wouldn’t have green-lit Zombie doing a second Halloween film. That majority hated it, but in order for that majority to reach that conclusion they had to pay to see it. Just because the movie made money, doesn’t mean everyone liked it. As proven but it’s current BO.

  • Bigtdoe

    Hey fellow horror fans! I recently purchased from a studio auction: the two main vans used in Halloween 2. I have the white coroners van that is seen in the first couple mins of the movie; the one that they wheel Michael Myers’ body into on the way to the morgue. I also bought the black “shaggin wagon” seen halfway through the movie. I am going to be listing them on ebay in a week or so but thought I would give “real” horror fans first notice. If ur seriously interested email me. tamerhassan6603@yahoo.com

    • Cash Bailey

      You wasted your money.

      Don’t expect anything from us.

    • PelusaMG

      Well, I guess you can say you did something to help line TWC coffers at this difficult time for the company – so good for you.

      BTW – Your message is suspiciously spam-like in tone and content!!!

    • Sandstonesoft

      I doubt you’ll get any “serious interest” from any “real horror fans”. Might as well list them on EBAY now.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Well one thing that certainly didn’t help the Weinsteins over the years was the constant purchasing of foreign films and either 1. not releasing them and 2. when they were released they were either on limited scale or were straight to video. They had a nasty habit of purchasing potential money makers just so other studios couldn’t get their hands on them. So not a wise business choice spending millions buying up a film then not releasing it for several years and only then onto DVD.

    • DavidFullam

      I would have gone to see Rogue more than once at the theater. Had they released it to the theater.

      • theGoldenSimatar

        Well Rogue was just another in the long line of acquired films, HERO is a prominent example as they held onto that one for two years until Tarantino pressured them into releasing it. If he hadn’t I would bet it would have been another year plus before it was seen by US audiences.

  • JoeSena

    I remember when the Weinsteins were clients of mine back when Miramax was just an indie distributor. They’re tough guys, but always loved film. This is a case of overextension and unfortunate timing, but they clearly had faith in their creators like QT and RZ. GRINDHOUSE was great and a lot of fun but way too expensive for what it was. I’ve enjoyed RZ’s take on HALLOWEEN very much, but I think that it was too expensive and targeted to the very people who would find it blasphemous. It’s a one-two punch for sure, but with all the bellyaching about how homogenized Hollywood product is these days, here were a buncha guys who dared to trust some creative people with a lot of money.


    • Cash Bailey

      I concur with that, to a degree.

      The Weinstein’s reputation has always consisted of over-indulging the film-makers that they liked (Tarantino, Rodriguez, Kevin Smith) while completely ass-fucking the rest that weren’t proven money-makers for them.

      And when their pet directors started producing bombs I guess they had nowhere to go because they had alienated so many others.

      I mean, what’s the last you ever heard of Lasse Halstrom or John Madden?

      He’ll, even Wes Craven found himself an indentured servant of Bob Weinstein for far too long before escaping to generic studio fare.


    This may sound very Mercenary but i hope they keep operating long enough to give me my Grindhouse Ultimate blu-ray.
    But they do make some crappy movies though.

  • Cash Bailey

    So Rob Zombie’s ineptitude has both destroyed a classic horror franchise and bankrupted a major movie studio.

    I reckon it’ll be time for that White Zombie reunion soon.

    • Sandstonesoft

      That would be wonderful, to see RZ return to creating something that’s actually worth experiencing. Everything he’s done since that band broke up has been an abortion.

      • Didn’t See It Coming

        Uh, White Zombie isn’t good either. So I’m still waiting for him to create something worth experiencing.

        • Sandstonesoft

          Agree to disagree, i guess. The lyrics were always kind of crap (not much talent involved in taking dialogue and audio samples from 60’s and 70’s exploitation films, throwing them together in nonsensical verses and bracketing them with refrains of “YEAH” “BABY” and “GET IT ON”), but i thought the music itself was pretty fantastic. Of course, the music seemed to go downhill fast after he went solo, so maybe he didn’t have much to do with the strength of White Zombie anyway.

          • Cash Bailey

            “Hell yeah!!”

  • Minion

    Well, I hope all goes well for these guys because I’d hate to see them go, but at the same time they’ve learned a valuable lesson: Don’t greenlight shit films (H2) in the first place and then maybe you won’t lose as much money. =)