Bousman’s Musical to the Big Screen

Bousman's Musical to the Big Screen!Wow, he was actually serious. When we spoke with Darren Lynn Bousman at this October’s Rock & Shock, he told us that he really wanted to do a musical next, so of course we thought he was just yanking our proverbial chain (click here to see the on-camera interview).

Consider our chain unyanked, however, because Bousman meant what he said. The musical Repo! The Genetic Opera will officially be seeing the light of day through Twisted Pictures, the same sickos behind Bousman’s Saw II & III as well as Dead Silence (review), according to the fiends at Fango.

Bousman shot some test footage with Michael Rooker and Shawnee Smith a few months back that was screened for potential interested parties recently, which must’ve done well for him because it’s now seeing a full production ramp-up with a probable 2008 release. I can’t wait to see how they market this one!

The musical, based on a stage play from back in 2002, takes place in an alternate (we hope) future in which organs are harvested through a company called Geneco, who turns around and sells them for a pretty profit. If you need an organ but can’t pay up, you’re paid a visit by the Repo Men, who are more than happy to take it back from you. Nastiness mixed with song ensues.

Speaking with Fangoria shortly after the test footage was screened, Bousman said Repo! will be full of “organ repossession, scalpel sluts, drug-addicted grave robbers—the writers have created not only a stage play, or even a script; they have created a world. A world that I want to play in.”

Damnit, so do I. Keep it here for more on Repo! The Genetic Opera as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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