Night of the Dribbler DVD Dunking Next Week

Night of the Dribbler DVD Dunking Next WeekEarlier this year I reported on Code Red DVD planning to release the never-before-seen 1995 slasher spoof Night of the Dribbler about a psycho in a basketball mask killing off a high school basketball team. At the time a release date was not set in stone. Now I find out that release date is next week, September 8th to be exact.

As Code Red DVD‘s website describes it:

Night of the Dribbler, a comedy slasher shot in 1995 but never released anywhere in the world, will make its world debut via Code Red DVD this summer! Some psycho wearing a basketball mask is killing off the high school basketball team, and it’s up to the famous TV funnyman Fred Travelena to find the killer! In the vein of Peter Sellers films, Fred plays 3 roles in the movie! Canadian TV’s Cold Squad’s Gregory Calpakis also stars in this demented comedy horror film that has been lost for many years. Directed and produced by the fine folks who brought you Snuff, The Carpenter, and the cult classic Zombie Nightmare! We hope you all will enjoy this lost classic!

A slasher comedy with a killer in a mask that looks like it would have made an excellent MadBall and co-starring the late Fred Travelena that has sat unreleased on a shelf for 15-years. Night of the Dribbler is either going to be a guilty pleasure delight, or we’re going to realize there’s a reason the film never saw the light of day until now.

I’d suggest ordering your copy from Amazon ASAP by clicking below (like I did!) because Code Red’s DVD release of The Strangeness is already out-of-stock after barely two weeks. Something tells me this will not be a DVD getting a large printing.

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