Dinner for Fiends: FD4 vs. H2 – HELL YEAH!

The latest Dinner for Fiends is here!Ok, now this one? It isn’t pretty. It’s not even close to pretty. Are you ready for what could be the most profanity laden (and longest) Dinner for Fiends yet?

Sit back for over an hour and a half long serving of our inherent silliness as it is venomously spewed forth into your ears! Join myself, Andrew, Buz, Foy, MattFini (and the Zomwonder?) as we make our way through A Perfect Getaway and District 9 before the big ass showdown you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Uncle Creepy

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    Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

    • krawlingkhaos

      Great job. Kudos especially on the Zomwonder. And more importantly, thanks for biting the bullet so I knew to avoid them both. Seriously though, I think you need to just give a blanket spoiler warning at the beginning and that be the end of it instead of cranking up that sound file throughout. Is anyone really daft enough to think that they can listen to a meaningful conversation about a film between people who have already seen it and not have anything spoiled?

    • Cash Bailey

      ‘Bout fackin’ time, boys!!

      And I look forward to hearing from The Zomwonder again in the future.

      • Foywonder

        Might have to wait until Zombie’s Blob remake for that. Not sure the world is ready for more Zomwonder. Not sure my throat is ready.

    • El Regio Dude

      “You are killing the mood”…

      Man, i´m at work, and i had to go to the bathroom
      to laugh hard… great episode.

      “Santo llamando a Blue Demon…”

    • Kyle Reese

      My god, the zomwonder shit almost killed me; my roomate had to come check on my I was laughing so hard (a little too early in the morning).

      Bravo gents, another great edition.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Note this will be available later in the day on iTunes!

      • Sandstonesoft

        Woot! DFF on Itunes podcast is my current drug of choice when i need something to listen to in my vehicle while i work. Nothing breaks up the monotony of package delivery quite like intelligent horror film discussion and “Foy versus SyFy” level venom.

      • Kolpitz

        Good to know about iTunes. Slightly off topic question though, why can’t I find the last DFF “The Orphan Collector” on iTunes? I’ve been refreshing my podcasts for months and I just thought you guys were taking a break. Then, today, I find out there was a new episode but it’s not in the iTunes feed. I checked the regular “Dread Central Podcast” feed and it’s there but I think it’s just the “Drag Me to Salvation” episode mislabeled (it has the same date and length … and neither The Orphan nor The Collector were out on 6/5/09). I don’t like to download the MP3s because they don’t show up in the Podcasts section on my iPod.

        • Sandstonesoft

          Itunes can be kind of spotty with stuff like this, i’ve noticed similar problems with some of the local sports radio podcasts i download. Sometimes they don’t upload like they should when you refresh, sometimes they’re titled wrong, sometimes they show the wrong date, sometimes half the content even mysteriously vanishes (although i’ve only encountered that with one podcast in particular). Podcast subscriptions are a great feature in theory, but sadly you do have to stay very vigilant to make sure you’re getting all your content, which defeats much of the purpose of the subscriptions in the first place.

        • Gus Bjork

          It’s there on itunes but it’s not the right date. It shows up dated before the Terminator and Drag Me to Hell episode.

    • Genrewriter

      Had no plans to see H2 to begin with and thanks to this latest DFF I’ll never have to. Thank you, guys. If the recent Friday the 13th remake made me appreciate Jason Takes Manhattan (only slightly), I can only imagine H2 would make me appreciate Revenge of Michael Myers…Not a situation I care to find myself in.

      Great work guys, though how Foy was able to speak after doing Zomwonder is a mystery unto itself. Can I guess how many glasses of water and throat drops were required?

      • Foywonder

        As a matter of fact, my throat was a little raw afterwards. It was worth it.