First Trailer for Twilight in Forks

First Trailer for Twilight in ForksWe here are Dread Central are committed to bringing you every morsel of Twilight news that you, the hardcore fans, can stomach. Can you stomach a documentary about the real-life Forks, Washington, the teeny rain-soaked logging town that Stephanie Meyer used as the setting for her uber popular tweener series? Twilight in Forks looks to be the documentary that dares ask the question as to whether or not fangirls truly will watch every single thing Twilight related.

Producer York Bauer and director Jason Brown tell MTV about the inspiration behind this Twilight phenom coattail-riding documentary that will boast such findings as a real-life Bella working at a Forks thrift store, a local looking into getting vampire fangs just like the vampires in the Twilight saga don’t have, and enough shots of Pacific Northwest forest to even make Bigfoot’s eyes bleed.

“One of the things that makes ‘Twilight’ so unique is how much time Stephenie spent, as almost a journalistic approach, researching [the town’s details] for that original story,” explained Bauer. “[‘Twilight’] is about the story [of Bella and Edward] itself, but along the way she documents every nuance of the town so accurately – the names of streets, the distances between things, the actual structures and the businesses. Every detail is in the book, and it’s actually there in the town.”

“An interesting fact about Stephenie’s research is that it’s really accurate — and of course, if you talk to her publicist and herself, they would say she had never been to Forks before she wrote the book,” explained Brown, setting up one of the topics they delve into for the film. “There’s actually a little bit of debate about that that, and it turns up in our movie.”

I believe Meyer also heavily researched sparkling vampires by hanging out in Greenwich Village on any given Saturday night.

MTV also scored the first teaser trailer for Twilight in Forks, and it looks to be every bit as riveting as you can possibly imagine. The DVD is available for pre-order now through Amazon for an October 15th release.

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  • Floydian Trip

    No, I really can’t stomach it and when did it become a Saga?

    • theGoldenSimatar

      When Summit decided that having THE TWILIGHT SAGA above each title would trick people into thinking that this was some kind of an epic franchise like LORD OF THE RINGS or HARRY POTTER.