World War of the Dead Coming at You

From Eric S. Brown, the zombie king, comes a new title that should be very welcome to fans of the new crop of World War II zombie films (Dead Snow) and stories (“The Wandering Unholy” by Victor Salva in the new Dark Delicacies): World War of the Dead.

From the publisher, Coscom Entertainment, comes this brief synopsis:

In the last days of World War II, an unknown force returns the dead to life. As a new war between the dead and the living rages on, three men hold the key to defeating them. Will they be up to the task before all of Germany and the world fall to the hungry teeth of the undead?

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Nom…nom…nom…sprechen sie Gehirn?

World War of the Dead

Elaine Lamkin

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  • Bone Daddy

    Hey..hold the phone that idea is soo crazy..it..just ….might….work…

    I wrote a zombie-themed short story and submitted it for publication to Dark Moon books. Takes a bit of a twist on the genre by having an older woman as the protagonist; viewing the world of the walking dead through her eyes.

    Hopefully, it’ll make the cut.

  • The Butcher

    Does no one have any original ideas anymore?

    I know! Let’s take the Disney characters and turn them into zombies! *claps hands and bounces up and down*