Crank That Lizard Boy

Senators Sam Brownback of Kansas and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana co-sponsored the Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act of 2009 this past July that, if passed, will make illegal genetic experiments creating new species from animal and human DNA. Don’t be surprised if one of them screens the new film Lizard Boy on the Senate floor. It’s their worst nightmare: a scientist mixes human and lizard DNA, the lizard boy grows up and goes on a rampage, and – worst of all – it has a black belt in lizard tail fu.

Lizard Boy is the creation of first-time writer/director Paul Della Pelle (and his co-writer Bruce Brown, who also co-stars as the sheriff). In it, a small mountain town is terrorized by a half-man, half-reptile creature when renowned geneticist Dr. Gino Conti, contracted by the Defense Sciences Office to develop a top-secret hybrid animal, pursues personal experiments in an effort to reconcile his tragic past. He always wanted a son, and if the only mother available is a komodo dragon, so be it.

Lizard Boy (website here) is finished, and the process of submitting it to film festivals has begun. Pelle promises an entertaining sci-fi thriller with plenty of action, drama, humor, and bits of gore that hearkens back to the monster movies of old while also raising questions about modern genetics.

A look at the trailer gives me the indication that Lizard Boy may very well deliver the b-movie joy. Watch for yourself, if only to see the Lizard Boy do Matrix-style tail fu.

The Foywonder

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