Coming Summer 2010: Halloween 3D

In what seems like a reaction to Halloween II coming in third at the box office this weekend, Bob Weinstein has announced to the LA Times that a new sequel is already on the way. One that is free of Rob Zombie and to be shot in 3D.

Myers and Zombie Have a Message for Fans

From the article:
“The independent studio’s co-chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3D sequel, titled, appropriately enough, “Halloween 3D,” is in development.

The investment it takes to shoot movies in digital 3D has proved particularly lucrative for horror films. For “The Final Destination,” this weekend’s No. 1 movie, theaters with at least one 3D screen earned 3.25 times as much as those that showed the movie in 2D only, according to distributor Warner Bros. That’s substantially higher than for other recent releases. The equivalent 3D multiple for last month’s “G-Force,” for instance, was only 1.7 on its first weekend. For July’s “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” it was 1.4 and for June’s “Up” it was 2.2. January horror flick “My Bloody Valentine” earned 6.4 times as much from 3D theaters as it did from 2D on its opening weekend.

Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed “Halloween II” and 2007’s reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won’t return for “Halloween 3D.” He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a “different take” on the franchise.”

So where does that leave us? It’ll be interesting to see where the next film picks up given the events of Zombie’s Part II. Will Laurie be the killer? Will Michael return to bust her out? Is Loomis finally dead? Stay tuned for more on this one soon.

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • richardsj78

    I do understand the era we are in…the era of PG-13 horror movies and the land of many sequels. But… In my opinion Rob Zombie had a vision for these movies and he carried out that vision extremely well. The movies he created, in my opinion, were an awesome portrayal of the Halloween series. Dont know if I will be interested in seeing this series continue at this point…and the fact that its in 3D does absolutely nothing for me. As a fan of the original Halloween series and Zombies versions it should end here, I know that it wont but I had to voice my opinion.

  • Aways A Halloween Fan

    There has never been a good scary horror film in 3D. . .Bad Choice. I really hope it doesnt fall through. Halloween 2 had its moments( IF! minus all the mommy ghost scenes movie would have been, O.K.!!!); I think, if they want a 3rd Halloween they should have Zombie come back. But this time around just simply as a director nothing more, and a little bit more supervision..not as much free rage this time around. He’s a pretty good horror director but cant write a screenplay with sh*t. Bring him back! allow him to redeem himself. First remake was good, better than most of the sequels.


    Can’t wait. I’m psyched! Watch the Magic Pumpkin In 3D or at least I hope so.

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      I doubt very much that it will be a remake of ‘Season of the Witch'; there’s a reason why they brought Myers back for ‘H4′. Here’s hoping they’ll bring back the real Myers for ‘H3D’, eh? :)

      Perhaps the world simply isn’t ready for the brilliance of Hobo Myers and his little pony? Poor Rob, it must be an absolute pisser being such a visionary.

      Art hurts, man.

  • Blockbuster

    This had better involve evil masks and Tom Atkins in someway…SOMEWAY…

  • G.D.

    No Rob Zombie? That’s enough for me!

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      Same here. Rob Zombie can slink off to play with his own grubby, second-hand toys* and I shall say not one more word against him. He was nothing more than a grimy little blip on my horror radar until he decided to dirty-up the ‘Halloween’ series and to blipdom he shall return, peddling his retarded filth to shallow-minded, image-conscious teenagers. Good riddance, I say.

      *Oh, except he’s already signed up to play in someone else’s sandbox again. Surprising, for someone who supposedly has such a gifted – and twisted – imagination.

  • mikesnoonian

    I really enjoyed the new Halloween. It wasn’t perfect, but it had some great moments. This 3D idea sounds craptacular.

    • DavidFullam

      Same here, saw it three times over the weekend.

  • PelusaMG

    Instead of another sequel/prequel with 3D gimmick-shimick, how about an anthology of films based around the legend of/featuring The Shape (aka Michael Myers)… If they insist on keeping this series going, something like that might breathe some much needed life into it!

  • Sirand

    I doubt this is gonna happen…

    • Kindahuge

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but we live in an era where a movie about some dudes being trapped in a room has spawned 5 sequels in as many years. And THIS has two guys who happened to be named Weinstein behind it. It’s going to happen for better or worse.