Henriksen Dead in the Water

Lance Henriksen in DeadwaterIt seems Lance Henriksen has decided to take time off from battling Bigfoot to take on yet another haunted sea-going vessel, something he hasn’t done since 2001’s The Lost Voyage. This time the movie is Deadwater and it has a more military bent. When a WWII-era battleship, reactivated and deployed in the Persian Gulf for black-op interrogations falls radio silent, an elite Marine task force, along with an NCIS investigator and two scientists, are sent to apprehend the terrorists only to find a more devious enemy; that more devious enemy being of the angry poltergeist variety.

Henriksen stars along with James Russo (The Ninth Gate, Donnie Brasco) and Tom Hanks’ younger brother Jim, who plays a character named Ensign Buford. That has to be a joke given that Jim Hanks played the title character in the infamously bad 1993 comedy Buford’s Beach Bunnies; a role more notable for the similarities between the mannerisms he used playing the simpleton title character and the mannerisms brother Tom would use in his Oscar winning role as Forrest Gump.

But getting back to Deadwater, not a whole lot of info is available on it since the film is still in the early stages of post-production, as evidenced by the teaser trailer on production company Rebel Film’s website that ends with the announcement that production is set to begin on the film in November of last year…

Check it out anyway and keep it here for udpates as we learn them!

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