When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

In our never-ending quest to provide you with really cool stuff that you can’t find anywhere else, Dread Central is proud to bring you an online comic strip that will have you laughing and shivering until the very last gore-soaked page!

When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

When Drive-Ins Attack (which also appears in traditional book form) is the brainchild of creator Rich Stahnke, who recently sat down with us to tell you about the project.

“The genesis of the book grew from my experience watching the movie ‘Grindhouse’“, says Stahnke. “I walked out of the theater after watching the movie and thought to myself, ‘Why isn’t there a comic series that takes a rated R approach with over-the-top violence and gunplay and cursing and nudity?’, you know? Everything you expect in a good rated R action or horror movie? My second thought was that almost every mainstream comic involves sci-fi/B-movie type material, but major publishers usually don’t include nudity or much in the way of gory violence.

I presented the idea to a few friends who read and work in comics, and they thought that a book with material inspired by B-movies and grindhouse type fare would make for a cool read. I had already thought up the basic plot for my own contribution to the book, which became the story ‘The Pack’.

While I was working on my story, I started reaching out to other creators that I know and recruited several of them to contribute stories.

The end result is a collection of stories that could be adapted to film and be right at home showing at a drive-in theater (or straight to DVD in today’s market).

There’s a little over 100 pages of material in the four books. There are stories featuring alien invaders, amazons, killer dogs, killer birds, werewolves, zombies, and more. You’ll be seeing a lot of blood, a lot of cursing, gunfire, and some full frontal nudity just to spice things up. In addition to the stories, we’ll also be presenting some pin-ups that are posters for fake movies. You’ll see posters for movies like ‘Jacob Fisher: The Amish Assassin’ and ‘I Was a Teenage War Bride Nazi Werewolf’.

I’ve been a regular visitor to Dread Central for news and info about upcoming horror movies. I read the reviews as well and particularly enjoy the Foywonder’s critical assessment of movies. With the ‘Hard-Boiled Horror Tales’ feature continuing to run, I realized that Dread Central would be a perfect outlet to expose the ‘When Drive-Ins Attack!’ material to a larger audience.”

The feature will begin running weekly starting next Monday. Check out some preview pages below, and if you like what you see, order hard copies of When Drive-Ins Attack here!

When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

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