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John C. Lyons’ Unearth Launches Kickstarter Campaign



Not too long ago, writer/director John C. Lyons released Schism, a brilliant independent feature that tackled the real-life horror of Alzheimer’s through the eyes of a character named Neil Woodward. It’s a film that stuck with me over the years, and it’s a shame it hasn’t received more attention. Do yourself a favor: If you love horror films grounded in reality, then rent the flick on Amazon. It deserves to be seen. Thankfully, Lyons is still out there making movies.

Like many filmmakers these days, Lyons is gathering funds for his next project via Kickstarter. He’s also promising a horror flick oozing with practical effects, which is always a good thing.

From the Press Release:
The award-winning team at Lyons Den Productions are excited to announce their next feature film will be “Unearth”, a uniquely American horror story about the terrifying repercussions sown by shortsighted decisions, and what our children reap from our actions. This announcement comes with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign tomorrow, Tuesday October 6th, to raise the necessary funding for the project expected to go into production next year in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Equal parts docu-drama and eco-horror, “Unearth” was inspired by increasing environmental concerns ripped from today’s headlines. The film’s writer and director, John C. Lyons, said of the project “In light of new evidence uncovered by journalists like Public Herald regarding years of cover-up by state regulators regarding water contamination caused by the Marcellus shale industry, I think now more than ever it is time for a film like “Unearth”.

Jennifer Hooper, star of feature films “Schism” and “There Are No Goodbyes”, and an award-winning filmmaker herself, has snagged one of the film’s lead roles as has Ruth Thoma Andrews, a stage and screen veteran who’s appeared in over 50 plays in the past 30 years. Several lead roles have yet to be cast. Scripts are being sent to actors and agents and the filmmakers hope to hold auditions, both locally and online.

“Monster” Mark Kosobucki, a graduate of the Douglas Education Center for Special Makeup FX and Sculpting will serve as the film’s Special FX Coordinator and Graphic Designer. Andy Flatley, who has scored each of Lyons Den Productions’ films, will return to paint music to image.

Want to contribute to the flick? Swing by the official Kickstarter campaign and fork over some cash. For more info about Lyons and his upcoming endeavor, head over to Facebook.

Unearth Kickstarter Teaser 01

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The Movie Crypt Raises $22,574.68 to Save Yorkies With YOUR Help



This past weekend marked Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Arwen’s second annual 48-hour LIVE Movie Crypt charity marathon in which they stayed up with the help of some truly awesome guests to raise money for SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE.

When all was said and done that gang raised $22,574.68 for the charity and had a blast doing so! We’re talking barrels full of cute and cuddly’s were saved over the weekend with your help. Be proud. You guys helped to do something increcible and there should be no greater feeling.

We here at Dread Central would like to take this time to congratulate everyone involved and offer our sincerest of thanks to everyone who took part from listener, to talent, to contributor… thank you for making a difference not only in the lives of the animals your money will help to save, but also the lives and loves of the kind folks inhabiting their prospective forever homes. Bless you, all.

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Ho-Ho Horrible Imaginings Brings Yuletide Screams



Picture it. It is a week before Halloween, or even earlier. You walk to the store to check out some decorations and toys to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve and get greeted by Christmas trees and beaming Saint Nick statues. Yes, the encroachment of the expanding Christmas season on our dark holiday in October raises my cackles every time! That’s why Horrible Imaginings Film Festival fights back with Christmas-themed horrors in December!

Ho Ho Horrible Imaginings 2017 returns to San Diego’s Digital Gym Cinema on Friday, December 15th, to deck the halls with screams of terror! In the past, we have screened such classics as Christmas Evil, Black Christmas, All Through the House, and Silent Night Bloody Night, as well as some great short films like “Treevenge” and “Do You Hear What I Hear!” This year, we have delved deep into the treasure trove of bloody goodness! We are showing a rarely-seen feature THAT WE ARE KEEPING A SECRET! That’s right! You don’t open gifts until the special day, so we are doing this the right way! No peeking!

Tickets include a Border-town holiday meal of tamales, Mexican hot chocolate, and more! Seating is super limited, so get your tickets now!

Check out the stocking-stuffer short films below:

From our friends at Ghost Party Pictures! A blind date takes a monstrous turn as a young couple meet on a cold Christmas night. With filmmakers in attendance!

When a couple of boys choose the secluded road beside it to park and make out, they end up on a ride they didn’t buy a ticket for.

Merry Xmas…Love, K
From the folks who brought us When Susurrus Stirs and Excarnate, comes this story about two boys who get an unpleasant surprise when Santa isn’t the only Christmas spirit to pay them a visit.

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Watch a City Come Together and a Monster Created in These Videos From The Sinking City



I’ve been keeping a very close eye on Frogwares’ The Sinking City, which is a 3rd person horror adventure that takes place in a world that is as inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes as it is by H.P. Lovecraft and his eldritch terrors. While still early in development, the team is beginning to share some pretty incredible things out of their offices (like these creepy statues) to keep the public up-to-date as well as show them just how much work goes into creating something so expansive and fascinating.

Today, I want to bring you a taste of the world that Frogwares is building through two videos. The first shows the process by which they created the actual city that the game takes place in. Obviously trying to hand create each and every building is a tedious process at best, nigh-well impossible task at its most realistic. Rather than attempt such a monumental undertaking, the team created a program that will build the city based on criteria that they set forth. It’s a very clever solution to a very real problem and the end result still feels like their personal touch is all over it.

The second video is a 3D time lapse of a monster as it goes from rough shape to a highly detailed, grotesquely designed monstrosity that is nothing short of nightmarish. It’s a chance to see how an artist creates something phenomenal from something so simple, each step adding a new layer of sickening, yet fascinating, macabre horror.

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Save the Yorkies 48 Hour Marathon

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