Official Night of the Creeps DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art

Sony has decided on the final cover art for Fred Dekker’s classic Night of the Creeps.

DVD Active has gotten word that the DVD and Blu-ray will offer different covers, and you can check them out below. As well as a director’s cut of the film, each release will include commentary with writer/director Fred Dekker, a cast commentary, featurettes (“Birth of the Creeps”, “Cast of the Creeps”, “Creating the Creeps”, “Escape of the Creeps”, “Legend of the Creeps”, “Tom Atkins: Man of Action”), the original theatrical ending, deleted scenes, and a trivia track.

Looks like I’m going to have to get mighty good at mastering Photoshop so I can use some of the original poster art for a Blu-ray cover. It’s a shame that studios won’t often plunk down the extra cash to license original artwork (I’m assuming its a licensing issue, that is, I could be wrong).

Either way, though, we’re still getting Night of the Creeps on Blu-ray and DVD. Very exciting indeed.

Official Night of the Creeps DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art


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Matt Serafini


  1. The new cover is much better than the old one! Thank goodness thats all that they chaged though – it would have been a shame to mess with one of the classics.

  2. That Blu-Ray cover is still better than the DVD cover, as shitty as it is. Any of the original posters is a million times better than those covers though, I’ve always loved the poster that has “Extra Sangsues” (WTF?!) printed on it…must be foreign!

  3. WHat a crap cover, how do they expect to bring in any new viewers with floating heads, cuz the heads ain’t so creepy. Are the studios or who ever, really that disconnected from the audience to be convinced that this type of cover sells movies? Dumbasses. Shouldn’t really complain, since we are getting a tasty dvd.

    • Completely agree with you man, what kind of covers is that.
      Really crappy, even more when we think of the price of a BluRay…at least here in europe.
      THey should have Fans design the covers! casinos

  4. Wow.

    *goes to fire up the printer to print out the original VHS cover to slap over the Blu-Ray.*

    At least they kept the movie tagline.

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