Halloween II – Michael and His White Horse

Oh my. With Zombieween II just around the corner you can now feast your eyes on one of the most ridiculous looking things that will likely come out of Friday’s cinematic experience should you decide to subject yourself to it. It’s just so silly, regardless of context.

MTV got the hookup:


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  • Zillaman67

    Death to trendoids!!!
    C’mon folks–give ‘ol Rob a break–it was the only way he could get his hot wife into the sequel after killing her in part 1!!!

  • vorodex999

    I have no idea hat to think og this but Um is it just me or does the van suddenly crashing look similar to Reeker 2

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      There’s definitely a reek about it, yes.

  • PelusaMG

    I still can’t believe there’s a “Halloween 2” coming out this friday… I had no idea – did anyone else know about this – I wish I’d known about it before now!

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      It definitely needs more coverage, so hopefully we’ll get at least one article by Friday to make up for the lack of updates. This film is a complete mystery to me, I know absolutely nothing about it so far. I love how it’s been kept under wraps all the way up until the release date, TBH.

  • DavidFullam

    Seriously, what’s the big deal? A White Horse is oftentimes a representation of death. All this Zombie/Halloween hate has gotten real old, real fast.

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      You say that like “Zombie/Halloween hate” is a phenomenon that is entirely new to you. It’s been going on for years, and deservedly so, IMO.

    • mansuave

      No, don’t say that! Now you have to overpraise THE MIST to make up for your horrible sin!

      Seriously, though, I agree. The idea that “TROLL 2 has new competition” is so brain dead and absurd that I’m holding my face in my hands and shaking my head. Sometimes it’s really, really hard not to be embarrassed to be a horror fan.

  • Avid Fan

    The red-head in the tampon commercial is hot, but I was really wishing the white horse was a unicorn, cuz that would make more sense.

    • PelusaMG

      What red head? I don’t get that ad… just some crappy old Capital One nonsense!

  • resevil80

    Hell..Fucking…Yes…You just won me over…I’m there.

    I’m so hungry..I could eat a Jeezus!

  • Chainsaw

    I love that it started out with a commercial for maxi-pads.


    Dimension is still promoting the crap out of Halloween 2 August 28th. Here is a f*ucking awesome Message from Rob Zombie! He had time to make this right after the Premiere tonight!


    • The Unknown Murderer

      Do you realize that you’re posting to 99.9% of the people who already hate this movie without even seeing it?

      Also, now that I’m really looking at it, your avatar is awesome.

      • PelusaMG

        Based on that clip, this movie is become the must-see (potential) train wreck of the year!


        Yeah, I know but it’s just to much fun to give this hell

  • Uncle Creepy

    Ummmmm …. oh my.

  • PelusaMG

    It seems that to fully appreciate this movie you need to watch it stoned!

  • Mephistopheles

    EDIT:Wrong post

  • LSD Zombie

    This scene essentially says to me, “Please Weinstein Bros., don’t bring me back for a third film!” It also serves as one of the best jokes ever played on fans of a series since the inclusion of Jar Jar Binks in the Phantom Menace.

    • Masked Slasher

      Right. It’s amazing how badly Michael Myers has been ruined by this needless “reinvention”.

      As terrible as the last two Halloween sequels were (and they WERE terrible), they didn’t really muck with the character of Michael Myers.

      This, though. Well, Michael Myers isn’t a fucking human serial killer and to try and reinvent, reboot or remake him that way is just plain stupid.

  • FilmCritic3000

    I think we may finally have that sequel to “Hot to Trot”. If so, ticket sold, folks!

  • AriesofPitt


  • Styling Shatner

    Not even the possibility of Michael punching out the white horse a la Blazing Saddles would make its inclusion here any good.

    I *almost* want to see this on the big screen just to laugh at it, but then again giving money to this and how I felt about RZH… eh, no.

  • doubleh55

    This movie is going to be even better than I thought.

  • Mephistopheles

    I know why the horse is there if anyone wants to know ahead of time.

    • The Butcher

      Michael and his Mommy are zoophiles aren’t they?

      When you are beautiful it’s only skin deep, but when you are ugly it’s all the way through.

      • Mephistopheles


        Basically, when Michael was a kid in the asylum, his mother gave him a toy horse. So that horse is a representation of that.

  • Justin Warren

    Just what on earth IS this movie?!

    • Masked Slasher

      I don’t think anyone know WHAT it truly is.

      In fact, even the people I know that have seen have been absolutely flabbergasted.

  • BoggyCreekBeast

    Ride, Michael! RIDE LIKE THE WIND!

  • The Butcher

    TROLL 2 is now in danger of losing it’s title hold with genre fans.

    • The Unknown Murderer

      This movie could be so retarded, it just might kick ass.

      In a Troll 2 kind of way.


        This is the next Manos: Hands Of Fate. Gorgo would fit nicely in a Rob Zombie film but the master would never approve.