Train’s First and Last Stop is DVD

Train's First and Last Stop is DVDYou don’t really have to know much about the film industry to know which films will see the light of multiplexes and which ones will be banished to the hellish shelves of Blockbuster to prey on unsuspecting renters. From the very first glimpses of Train, I knew this one would fall into the later category, but even I’m surprised that it sat on the shelves long enough for Ulli Lomell to get two movies distributed. Christ, this can’t be worse than anything he’s made since 1980, right?

But Gideon Raff’s Train is finally coming to DVD on November 17, according to Lionsgate’s press release. Touring Eastern Europe with her college wrestling team, Alex (Thora Birch – American Beauty) attends a debauched late-night party that causes her and several teammates to miss their train to Odessa. Her coach is furious, but a mysterious woman offers the group a ride on an alternative train. The coach agrees, and the athletes, exhausted and hung over, gratefully climb aboard. However, this train harbors a deadly secret, and for Alex and her fellow passengers, a blood-soaked nightmare is just beginning.

I’m not expecting much out of this one, but for those of you out there who’ve seen it, please, tell me how it is.


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