Rob Zombie Talks Halloween II Director’s Cut

Did you think that the endless barrage of Zombieween II nonsense would stop once the film hit theaters? How naive are you? Now that Zombie’s sequel is upon us, we can start talking about the DVD and Blu-ray release – so get ready for months of updating, speculating and self-loathing as we prepare to talk the director’s cut of Halloween II.

Dread Central’s own Andrew Kasch called in from the Halloween II junket where Rob spoke about his director’s cut. He said the focus in his cut rests on Laurie instead of Michael, and how she’s a MUCH more dysfunctional character in the alternate version. Expect 2009’s Laurie to be a drug addled, angst ridden mess who couldn’t get her life together if she tried. I’m sure they’ll be more dysfunction and even more f-bombs if that’s even possible. There’s also more tension between her and Annie, who’ve failed to repair their friendship after the events of the Zombieween atrocity.

Exciting, right? In case you’ve forgotten, Rob Zombie’s Halloween II hits theaters this Friday.

Second image from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2


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