Some GREAT News About The Exorcist Blu-ray!

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when directors ‘revisit’ their films YEARS after having made them and begin to tinker with their material. Let’s not even mention George Lucas, but instead Walter Hill (what the hell did you do to The Warriors, goddammit!) and William Friedkin (sir, your new French Connection Blu-ray transfer is an abomination). These guys have come very close to destroying films of theirs once heralded as masterpieces. And what’s worse? The studios that decide to release these ‘improved’ versions only, leaving the theatrical cuts nowhere to be found on DVD or Blu-ray! Thankfully, Warner Bros. seems to have smartened up regarding the upcoming BD release of the ultimate horror film, The Exorcist.

Agent DVD got word from Warner Bros. that we’ll be getting a special restoration of The Exorcist next year and that both the 1973 and the 2000 versions will be included in the set.

Let me say that again: Both the 1973 and the 2000 version will be featured in this new release!

Better yet? Unlike The French Connection Blu-ray, which was supervised (and, subsequently, ruined) by William Friedkin without the input of director of photography Owen Roizman, both men will be working on the new transfer, which hopefully will be a faithful rendition of the original color palate.

This has just become my most anticipated release of 2010. Watch for this sucker to hit stores before next Halloween. Oh yes.


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Matt Serafini


  1. The good news would be that it comes with a laugh track. Though I have provided my own on the occasions I’ve had to endure it.

  2. Probably why Roizman got involved this time around, so Friedkin couldn’t go nuts with The Exorcist without his input.

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