This Inbred Dog Marks His Territory with Blood

This Inbred Dog Marks His Territory with BloodMovies about killer dogs are nothing new. Movies about killer inbreds are nothing new either. But one and the same? The new low budget chiller Dog takes the chocolate of dogs and the peanut butter of inbreds and puts them together in one gruesomely delicious cup.

Monster Island News brings us word of this icky tale from filmmaker Timothy Gates of a physically abused inbred dog-boy that stalks a salvage yard. Here’s the premise:

A vast salvage yard lies nestled in the woods on the edge of a small Midwestern town. Owned and operated by a pair of sadistic, murderous brothers, the yard is a place of death and unimaginable horror. A place that hides the darkest of family secrets.

When night falls, the salvage yard is watched over (not by canines of the four-legged breed), but by ‘Dog,’ the owners’ younger brother. Warped by years of abuse at the hands of his siblings and horribly deformed by generations of in-breeding, the feral and misshapen boy (more beast than man) prowls his shadowy domain, viciously slaughtering anyone foolish enough to enter after dark.

One day, a girl (‘Lizzie’) and her friend (’Pump’) enter the salvage yard and from a distance (within the darkened confines of an abandoned school bus), Dog takes notice. The sight of the young woman causes something to rise from deep within him…a feeling he’s never felt in his entire, tortured existence. These urges drive him into the night to track the troubled teen, and his journey takes him beyond the fences of the salvage yard to the outside world…with deadly consequences.

Head over to Monster Island News to see a few gory stills from Dog and check out the film’s official website for more details on the production.

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