Patrol Men Gets an Official Trailer

One project we’ve had our eyes on for a while now is the “zero budget” UK indie film Patrol Men. We got the teaser trailer back in May, but things have been quiet ever since. Well, that silence was broken today as David Campion (co-director with Ben Simpson) sent us the news that the full trailer has officially launched!

Patrol Men, the brainchild of Niall Maher along with Simpson and Campion, was originally conceived as a family-friendly, ten-minute short but evolved into a ninety-minute, full-on horror flick. Says Simpson, “We were sick of making shorts. If we were going to put any money into a new project, we wanted it to be a feature.” The three men combined wrote the script with Maher serving as producer and, as mentioned, Simpson and Campion sharing directing duties. “We complete each other,” jokes Campion. “When apart, we are only half a person, but together we are a much stronger force.” On a more serious note he adds, “Ben has a better eye for camera, while I have a better relationship with actors.” Maher adds, “The Patrol Men shoot was the best/worst four weeks of my life. By the end we are all zombies, but happy zombies.

During the course of the four-week shoot, the crew visited over 40 locations. At the end they were filming in Campion’s home village of Perham Down, where they had a bit of a run-in with the local police. As Maher explains it, “For all the help we had from the military during the shoot, it seems ironic that on the last day we got into trouble. We were shooting in a disused car park, but there was an army camp in front of us. The MOD (Ministry of Defence} received numerous complaints. People thought we were filming the camp.” Despite the misunderstanding, the MOD realized they were not involved in any suspicious activity (luckily they didn’t see the fake intestines and ten liters of fake blood!), and the Patrol Men shoot officially wrapped soon thereafter.

As for the film’s soundtrack, we can take heart from Simpson’s comment that “horror films never have good soundtracks. For a while new metal was on the rise, and for some reason horror films adopted this as their trademark music.” Instead, Patrol Men will be fresh and hip with a soundtrack made up of indie, rock ‘n roll, and hip hop. In addition, Simpson is scoring the film (with his guitar) and providing tracks from his one-man band The Sasquatch Invasion. Maher promises, “Ben is a great musician, and his odd sensibilities add to the film’s dynamic.

But enough talk! Dig on the trailer below, and we’ll keep tabs on Patrol Men, which stars Chloe Van Hardin, Josh Golga, and Anthony Abuah, through its post-production process.

Debi Moore

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