KILD TV Broadcasts Its First Official Trailer

Michael Muscal knows a thing or two about horror. Not only did he provide FX for such gems as Witch Hunt and Ticks, he also co-produced Bride of Re-Animator. His latest endeavor finds him in the producer’s chair once again for writer Channing Whitaker and director William Collins’ KILD TV, a flick that finds a group of unfortunate individuals trapped inside a television station with a killer. Judging from the trailer, Muscal and company don’t skimp on the bloody horror.

The plot is pretty straightforward: People who work on a late-night horror flick broadcast are picked off one by one by a cold-blooded murderer. Muscal recently told Fangoria that the flick is a cross between Dario Argento and Tim Buton with a high body count. Attention: Snagged.

Check out the first official blood-soaked trailer for KILD TV below. And for information about the flick as soon as it becomes available, hang out around the movie’s Facebook page.


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