Angry Bear Spirits Stalk Finland in Carcass

We don’t often hear much news around these parts about horror movies from Finland, but then we don’t usually get movies based on Finnish mythology about pissed-off killer bear spirits. Such a movie, Carcass, is in pre-production in Finland.

One of the oldest rites of the ancient Finns was the ritual for sending a bear to the underworld after it was killed. A celebration was held to make sure the bear’s appeased spirit would return to home. The prey was treated as a honored guest at the celebration so that it would return to the forest with its family and tribe. But the worst offense of all was to kill a sleeping bear in its winter nest. And the punishment for such a crime was the most ferocious of all. And, judging by Carcass, supernatural in nature.

24FramesPerSecond brings news of the Finnish fear flick Carcass, to be directed in both native Finnish and partially in English by co-directors Marko and Matti Jatkola. They also bring us a teaser poster and a fairly detailed plot synopsis.

“Killing a sleeping bear in its nest is the worst crime of all; punishment for that is the most ferocious of all” – An old Finnish belief. English paparazzi Tom Simmons realizes his lifelong dream and becomes a nature photographer. His decision has been encouraged by the death of a celebrity, whom Tom photographed as his last job. A new life, far away from London and accusing reporters, is waiting in Finland. In the bear lands of Kainuu, Tom prepares a photo shoot with the help of local safari entrepreneur Veikko Huttunen. Tom is enjoying his newfound peace and unbelievably beautiful nature. But when he witnesses local hunters Vilmunen and Sutela kill a bear in its winter nest, the dream turns into a nightmare. Scary noises and visions are just the beginning when something much more terrifying is discovered in the woods. A nightmarish spirit guarding the laws of the forest will not allow Tom to return to civilization. The true purpose of the spirit is revealed when Tom finds both Veikko and the hunters butchered and gutted like the cows in an abattoir. Tom knows he will be the next victim of the spirit and makes one last desperate plan to escape. Weeks later he staggers back to civilization. Trying to piece together what happened to him, the police start watching the footage on Tom’s video camera. Tom appears on screen making chilling sounds and eating a rotting carcass like an animal. Is this the madness of one man, or is there truly some malicious force hiding in the woods?

I’m not entirely sure if I even need to see the movie now that I’ve read this synopsis. Did that just reveal the whole movie, or did it stop short of spoiling the film’s ending? Carcass is due out next year so we’ll have to wait to find out.

Angry Bear Spirits Stalk Finland in Carcass

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  • perihelion

    Another sign of a Nordic horrormovie wave? Let the right one in, Dead Snow and now this?

  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Bear ghosts? Pretty cool, the world needs more ursine spirit-vengeance, IMO. Bring on the hirsute horror, transparent in tooth and claw!