John Carter of the Asylum

John Carter of the AsylumThe following story is not exactly horror related, but it is kind of funny. Unless you’re a huge fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” series, in which case this story might horrify you. Those of you who fall into that category have long been waiting for John Carter to finally become a motion picture, and many of you are equally awaiting the big budget blockbuster coming in 2012. But first The Asylum has a mockbuster three years ahead of schedule.

I confess that I am not personally familiar with the “John Carter of Mars” books. I understand these tales of an American Civil War veteran transported to Mars, where he romances a beautiful Martian princess and saves the planet from its own civil war and imminent destruction, are quite popular and there has been much ballyhoo at film geek sites like Ain’t It Cool News for years over the prospects of the property finally making it to the big screen. Disney will make such a film a reality in 2012 with a mega budget 3D blockbuster based on the first book in the series, A Princess of Mars, with two X-Men Origins: Wolverine supporting actors in the lead roles, the director of Wall-E at the helm, and a Pulitzer Prize winning author adapting the screenplay. John Carter of Mars is expected to be one of the biggest movie events of 2012.

But let it be said that The Asylum won this space race to Mars.

Yes, the company most famous for its mockbusters is making a preemptive strike on Disney with a scheduled December 29th release of Princess of Mars, The Asylum’s version of the Burrough’s story starring Antonio Sabato, Jr., as US soldier John Carter transported to Mars, where he intervenes in a civil war and finds love with a Martian princess, played by Traci Lords. It’s a good thing I’m not some die-hard John Carter fanboy or else this would be where I’d just start typing a string of profanities. The first ever John Carter motion picture – from the director of Allan Quatermain & the Temple of Skulls.

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  • DavidFullam

    John Carter and Disney go together like oil and water.