Sutherland Stares Into Mirrors

Of all the bizarre comebacks for 80’s stars in the recent years, Kiefer Sutherland’s is the one that still freaks me out sometimes. And not just because his first name is Kiefer; seriously, what the hell does that mean? The man has done well for himself with “24”, now filming its seventh season, but don’t think he’s forgotten his roots in our genre.

Variety made it known this morning that Sutherland has agreed to star in Alexandre (The Hills Have Eyes redux) Aja’s first supernatural horror film, Mirrors, taking the role of an ex-cop now doing mall security who is the first to notice some very strange things going down in the mirrors of a department store. The rest of the film is spent trying to stop the evil from taking over the rest of the mall and, eventually, the world.

This is not the first we’ve heard of the project, though it’s the first we’ve heard of it in a long while. Before you get too excited about its origins, yes, it is a remake of a Korean film called Into the Mirror from 2003. I’ve never seen it myself, nor have I heard anything terribly positive or negative about it, so it’s not like Aja’s treading into Ring territory with this.

Shooting is supposed to take place on May 1st, giving Kiefer a solid week’s vacation after “24”s seventh season is finished rolling. We will, of course, keep you up-to-date as we learn more!

Johnny Butane

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