A Halloween II Contest Comes Chattering Your Way

Seriously, there used to be a time when I would get all psyched up for the latest misadventures of Haddonfield’s least popular citizen. But the last time that happened was 1995, and to be honest, I’ve dreaded every single entry following The Curse of Michael Myers (say what you will, but I dig that movie). Halloween II is nearly upon us, and before the horror community begins sounding off over the merits and demerits of the latest Zombieween, Dimension has prepared a nifty contest for the director’s fans.

Rob Zombie and his oft-bottomless wife, Sheri Moon, will be appearing at Time Square’s Planet Hollywood tomorrow to donate Big Mike’s massive butcher knife to the restaurant’s prop collection. And while the knife is off limits, you guys have the chance to win this nifty little skull prop with Zombie’s signature sprawled across its brow.

A Halloween II Contest Comes Chattering Your Way

Cool, right? Now this is where you come in. To win this sucker, you’ve got to be at the Planet Hollywood event and snap a picture of yourself with Rob AND Sheri in the background. Tweet your picture to @H2_TheMovie, and you’ll be entered to win.


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  • PelusaMG

    Carpenter’s Halloween is untouchable/unsurpassable… H2 was generic slasher fare (BTW – Have yet to find the uncut version of this where you actually get to see Michael insert the syringe into the doc’s eye)… H3 – WTF… H4 was okay (there are moments I liked, but hated ‘bulky/padded’ Michael)… H5 was bearable (I liked the attic chase)… H6 has grown on me… H20 was great (although could have been a little longer)… H8 I would like to forget was made and that I paid to go and see it… H9 I turned off after an hour, very bored… H10 – I am (strangely) looking forward to seeing!

    Did I miss anything???

    Oh, have not seen the “Return to Haddonfield” doc. – any good?

  • Blockbuster

    I honestly dug on Part VI too…I thought H20 was cool too…but Resurrection? Wow…but you know, it still wasn’t as bad as Zombie’s…I don’t have much expectations from the next one, but I really haven’t liked anything Zombie’s ever done, with the exception of AstroCreep 2000 and La Sexorcisto…that’s it.