Exclusive: Rob Hall Talks Laid to Rest II and III

While hanging out with writer/director/special FX guru Robert Hall at Almost Human, Dread Central’s Heather Wixson got herself a little bit of a scoop on what the status is on the next Laid To Rest project is.

Turns out, horror fiends, that Chrome Skull may not be dead after all and our favorite video camera wielding psycho will be back soon to terrorize audiences (and hot young chicks) again. In fact, Hall said that there are two scripts pretty much finished up for Laid To Rest II and iII, and he’s hoping to shoot both of the new installments back-to-back.

Take a look at the video for yourself to see what Hall has got in store for fans (and for those who may have not have fully appreciated the first installment of Laid To Rest).

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  • hegemon13

    I enjoyed Laid to Rest, though I have to agree there were some serious logistics and continuity issues. [SPOILERS OF PART ONE AHEAD] Where were they, exactly, that there were all these single-purpose buildings (police station, convenience store, morgue) in the middle of nowhere? However, the gore effects were great, and the suspense was pretty unrelenting (except when the above-mentioned errors took me out of the movie). I would definitely watch a sequel, but seriously, Chrome Skull isn’t dead? How does that work? That girl killed the shit out of Chrome Skull. Please, we don’t need another supernatural, back-from-the-dead, Jason-esque killer. Make it a different killer. Better yet, make it a completely different story, related by theme and mood rather than plot.[END SPOILERS] In any case, I’ll see it, but I am a bit confused about how they’re going to move forward with this.

  • The Butcher

    LOVED Lightning Bug.

    Not so much Laid To Rest.

    To address the above interview, I love the fact that Chrome Skull is not explained. It’s more that things like the wonky geography of the film as far as the messed up sense of distance between the areas where things are supposed to be happening (the bar, the house, the convenience store) and the performance from the lead actress (she seemed on the verge of smiling half the time) Add in the godawful accents and I was being constantly taken out of the film.

    But I’ll still see the sequels. Robert Hall is indeed talented. I just wish he got the amount of love for Lightning Bug (a heartfelt and very underrated film) that he does for something as simple as Laid To Rest.

  • Minion

    Laid To Rest is the most fun I’ve had with any current slasher flick in a long time, and Chrome Skull definately seems like an icon in the making (don’t quote me on that though). Just as long as the new films are packed full of crazy gore sequences, color me blood red with excitement. And after watching Lightning Bug I have a lot of respect for Hall. While not a perfect movie in any right, it certainly brings to the surface some issues that all true horror fans face… Although maybe not as extreme as it’s shown in the movie. Worth a watch if you can find it.

  • Rottenjesus

    However he comes back it doesn’t matter. Chrome Skull is an awesome slasher villain! Bring it on Rob!

  • Vermithrax

    Although I loved Laid to Rest, I really don’t see any way they can bring Chrome Skull back, I mean, he got one of the most definite deaths I have ever seen a villain get. So unless the director goes all Jason Vorhees on us I really don’t see how you can say C.S. survived.

Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.