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Fangoria Films Enters the Fray



After 28 years of living on the outer rim of the horror world, occasionally stepping forward to make their name known but usually just staying the shadows to avoid detection, a small company called Fangoria Entertainment is finally making the move to the big time. Or should I said they’re making the “movie” to the big time? No, no, “move” is definitely right…

Variety is reporting this morning that Fango has tapped exec Brian Witten to head up its brand-new feature film division, craftily titled Fangoria Films. Now, before your mind races with more images of stuff like Lady of the Lake, calm yourself; Fangoria Films’ focus is going to be on original productions instead of acquiring bizarre foreign horror movies that make very little sense. Probably a good move on their part.

Witten is definitely a legit name to have attached, having served as senior VP at New Line during the Final Destination days, as well as similar stints at Paramount where he helped make films like The Wedding Singer a reality. He also shepherded the new Friday the 13th while head of Witten Films, a project that Platinum Dunes is still working on, as well as an adaptation of the only story from King’s Different Seasons left unfilmed, “The Breathing Method”, and Killers of the Dead, a zombie film to be directed by JC Baros.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Fangoria Films in the coming weeks. Something tells me that, while used to living under the horror radar for so long, this Fangoria company is going to become a much bigger name because of this announcement. Look out for them!

Johnny Butane

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