Charles Band’s Skull Heads Get a Trailer

He’s given us pint-sized puppet killers and killer flying shrunken heads in the past; now Charles Band’s love for all things marionette and disembodied is bringing us Skull Heads. Yep, skull-headed puppet-like supernatural creatures on the loose in an old house courtesy of the one true puppet master, Charles Band.

“For generations, the inbred members of the Arkoff family have lived in peace in their remote castle in Italy. But when three art thieves unexpectedly invade their home in search of priceless treasures, the members of the clan must protect themselves. Enlisting the help of the castle’s ancient protectors–the deadly Skull Heads–the Arkoffs prepare for the fight of their lives.”

Co-starring alongside the titular puppets with Tim Burton-esque bodies and grinning skull faces suitable for skateboard decorations is Robin Syndey of Big Bad Wolf, “Masters of Horror: Right to Die”, and most of Charles Band’s recent output.

Skull Heads is reportedly slated for an October 6th DVD release date, but considering Full Moon’s track record there’s always a good chance that date will change between now and then. If the trailer below looks familiar to some of you, that might be because Band has made this sort of movie before – many, many, many, many, many times.

The Foywonder

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  • hegemon13

    Not so good. I kinda liked the look of the skulls when Band was showing the concept on MySpace. But this movie looks downright awful. Hopefully, Demonic Toys 2, which was shot alongside this, will be much better. The behind the scenes vidcasts for Puppet Master: Axis of Evil look quite interesting, too. It looks like some of the upcoming releases might hearken back to the Full Moon classics. Unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t provide a lot a hope.

  • ImTheMoon

    funny how a family who’ve lived for generations in an Italian castle speak english and have no discernible accents.

  • XxExVxRx

    At least its got Robyn Sydney in a starring role…

  • DavidFullam

    Charles Band is still alive and making crap? Guess some things never change.

  • Grave-Danger

    I hope it’s better than Blood Dolls.