Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated Coloring Contest/Events

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, but it looks like that’s about to change if the message we got from the project’s Facebook group is any indication. There is a LOT going on with it!

Here’s the rundown, all of which you can find more about by visiting the aforementioned Facebook page or the official Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated website.

Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated

  • Night of the Living Dead:Reanimated Coloring Contest:
    NOTLD:R is currently hosting a coloring contest open to people of all ages. The best artworks from each age group will be featured on the NOTLD:R DVD. This contest goes until Oct 15th, 2009, and with the Halloween season right around the corner, this is the chance for the whole family to participate. There are no limits to the number of submissions per person or household… so have fun with it. For artwork and full details click here.

  • Nation Undead: Anamnesis:
    Call for short comics to be included in the one-shot anthology, Nation Undead: Anamnesis. Set in the same universe as the outbreak/zombie short film anthology Nation Undead, artists and writers are given the chance to play in this world… creating characters and telling their story. This comic is open to stories of every tone and art of every style.

    Though the focus of each short comic may be on the characters and events happening in their lives… as a collection readers will be able to see the infection evolve in the background from before the first person becomes sick straight through the world carrying on after the last survivors in the affected area have died.

  • Unseen Horror:
    Unseen Horror is a video based art show in which international artists and animators of all styles, media and process translate the stories of old time horror radio dramas into their own animated/ illustrated works. Once curated, these works create a visual track which is paired with the original audio recordings to give these radio dramas new life in our ever growing visual culture.

    This project will officially kick off in mid-fall (after NOTLD:R is set for release) but is currently establishing a list of interested artists, animators, and non-art contributors. To sign up for more information click here.

  • Revenant Magazine:
    Revenant Magazine, a long-standing zombie-themed website, is finally making the transition to printed magazine. They are currently accepting submissions of articles, short stories, short comics/comic strips, and artwork of every style which explore the undead to be included in their publication. Submissions can be sent to submissions@revenantmagazine.com.

    In addition, if you are an artist, filmmaker, author, etc., and would like exposure, contact fd@revenantmagazine.com about them covering your project/event.

  • Living Dead Festival:
    The Living Dead Festival is an festival held in Evans City, PA (where the original NOTLD was shot) by Gary Streiner (one of the film’s initial investors and sound man). Going into its second year, this event features both frequent convention guests (Russ Streiner, John Russo,…) and those making their first appearances in this festival, including Judith Ridley (Judy). The event will be taking place this October 30-31st. For more information, click here, or stop by their Facebook group.
  • That’s all for now. They are still adding venues to the screening list for the fall so if you would like to see NOTLD:Reanimated play in your area, have your local zombie walks, independent theaters, drive-ins, film groups, and art centers email screenings@notldr.com to find out about receiving free screening rights.

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