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Checking Dimension’s Pulse



Pulse PosterAs long as Japan keeps turning out high quality horror, you can bet that American studios will keep churning out the remakes. Personally, I’d rather see the big studios just secure the rights to the original films and release them theatrically as they were, but hey, what do I know? I’m just a schmuck with a website.

Next up for us is the remake of Kairo (review here) aka Pulse. For those following this film, you know it’s been kind of troubled. From what we’ve been able to gather, it’s gone through some massive tweaking and re-shoots.

Our man valuerockr scored us an early review of Pulse from a test screening he attended so if you’re curious, that should keep you happy for a bit.

iFilm got their hands on an exclusive clip today of the dreaded Library Spook. Is it scarier than the one in Ghostbusters? Head on over to find out!

Me? I’m just gonna go watch the original film on DVD again for spite. Look for the Pulse remake in theatres August 11.

Uncle Creepy

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