The Remake of Boggy Creek

The Remake of Boggy CreekAnd now for your WTF?!?! remake news of the day: The Legend of Boggy Creek. The seminal Sasquatch movie of the Seventies and probably all-time, Charles B. Pierce’s 1972 docudrama based of actual events using many of the real people recounting tales of a Bigfoot creature that terrorized Fouke, Arkansas for decades. How the heck do you remake a docudrama? That’s like announcing you’re going to do a remake of Roger & Me or The Thin Blue Line.

Fangoria got the early word that has begun to leak out regarding a remake of The Legend of Boggy Creek. The only real word right not is that plans are to shoot the movie in Texas and the casting progress is currently on-going. No word of any talent involved yet which leads me to believe this is not going to be some big Hollywood remake. The original film was a micro-budget production that became a drive-in sensation and since gone on to become a cult classic. It’ll be interesting to find out who is involved with this remake and whether they’re hoping to recreate the magic of the original or try going the Platiunum Dunes route making it a gritty looking R-rated killer Bigfoot flick. Just have to stay tuned for more info.

Not sure what the point is of a remake of The Legend of Boggy Creek is in the first place when you consider The Wild Man of the Navidad (review here) finally comes out on DVD this week and it practically is a Boggy Creek redux.

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  • Floydian Trip

    I’d rather see a movie about the Lochness Monster. I want to believe! Sea monsters rule. Bigfoot is fucking lame even if it is real. Which it is not.

  • Caterpillar

    In case you have forgotten, they are remaking FACES OF DEATH. This seems like an easy task in comparison. It will all depend on the talent getting involved in this.

  • Daniel

    Here around Texarkana (where the movies were filmed), Boggy Creek is actually a major classic. I haven’t heard any news of a remake around here.

  • BoggyCreekBeast

    What the… ?!

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    How do you adapt a 10 sentence children’s book? Don’t know but Where the Wild Things Are looks like a good flick. Don’t really see a problem with remaking a docudrama because it’s not only based on a bullshit myth, but docudrama’s are re-enactments with actors.

    • thedarkestshadow

      Don’t post your opinion as fact please. Maybe you think its a bullshit myth, doesn’t mean it is.

      • Didn’t See It Coming

        I’ll post my opinion as fact if I so wish. It is a bullshit myth. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking moron. FACT.

      • Sirand

        You do know the Bigfoot in the cooler was fake, right?

  • Chainsaw

    My guess? They’re going to try to make it like Blair Witch Project, but fail miserably.

  • Mr. Gray

    Thank God.

    Now we’ll finally get to see Sasquatch’s backstory.